Many of us have purchased a  premium cigar, sat back, clipped it and lit it up expecting an enjoyable experience. Then only to find out that whoever made it wrapped the contents so tight you couldn’t even draw on it. It’s not an uncommon event. Some folks have made tools to poke through the cigar to clear an opening for the smoke. I kept an ice pick at the ready if it happened to me. This is a great example of a bad cigar.

It happens to everyone

I had a customer in my deli that stopped by every day. He asked us to cut a 2 inch chunk of hard Italian salami to go with the bottle of Guinness Stout he purchased. He’d go out to his car and consume the salami, wash it down with the beer then light up a Punch Double Maduro Rothschild and smoke it down to the ring.

While I have enjoyed many terrific Punch Cigars over the years, the one he favored was always a tough one for me. It’s intense strength and extremely robust flavor didn’t agree with my palate. When I asked him why he preferred it he to told me, “They’re smooth as silk.”

I remember recommending one of my favorite cigars to a new customer in my store. When he returned, I asked him how he liked it. “It sucked” was his quick response.

As you shop around our great site you’ll see a lot of time tested main stream brands as well as new ones. I’ll try to give you as many simply said, unbiased opinions about the companies that make them or the folks that own the brands. Keep in mind an important item……..it’s my opinion. That’s why I’ll keep the thoughts I share with you very broad based. Your opinion of any cigar is all that matters to you. In short, if you like it’s good, if you don’t, you won’t smoke another one.

While I admire and respect most of the cigar based Internet sites, publications and their coverage of all facets of the cigar industry, I’ve often marveled at the complex and intricately detailed reviews such as the one below,

They can get a little crazy

Two of my friends smoked this particular cigar. When I asked them about hints of cocoa, floral scents, vanilla and nuts, one said it was OK the other said it tasted like shit. 

I recently met a fellow cigar smoker in my Arizona car club and noticed he was smoking a Padron.  I commended him on his choice and mentioned a few cigars I’ve similarly enjoyed for a lot less money. “I’ve tried everything and always come back to these even though it cost me $1,200.00 a month to smoke them.”

Wow! What a loyal one brand customer. I then asked him when he stopped trying different cigars  and he said three years ago. When I think of all the great cigars that came to market since then I lose count.

I’ve often said you can’t sleep with a thousand women in your lifetime but you can smoke a lot of different cigars. Don’t be afraid to try new cigars. There are dozens of companies making  new and unique products year after year. Like me, you may very well discover some real contenders to enjoy immensely. Keep your eye out for new cigars on Thecigarthief.com and happy shopping!

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  1. Harold Clements
    March 18, 2020

    À propos to “expert” reviews.,I love a good cigar now and then and I compare these reviews to those of fine (and not so fine) wine. I had my first taste of such when on a cruise. Much like the character in the movie “Titanic”…through twist of fate and much luck I snagged one of two “penthouse suites” on the ship. I was in my early 20’s but was treated by staff and guests alike as if I were royalty. Privilege abounded including fine wine which was my first introduction to luxury consumables.
    I know more about wine than cigars but I see one thing in common…bullshit. “Wet rust”, “upside down lemon cake”, and my favorite…“cat pee”. I know what I like and that’s what I like about this site. The respect of one’s individuality and the opportunity to try something new.

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