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Bundles of Joy!

Because I’m an old guy, I remember when I was a kid seeing older men smoking cigars not from bundles. Even then, I loved the aroma. Those were the days! Domestic Brands like El Producto, Phillies, King Edward, A&C,Dutch Master, White Owl, Garcia Y Vega. Countless others were hand made back then throughout the United States.

As time passed and technology evolved, machines were designed to turn out sticks faster than any human could. As popularity and quality began to decline, handmade premiums started to gain a presence. Needless to say, there were a lot of pissed off old guys. They knew things were changing and began searching for a decent cigar at a low price.

Premium companies knew what was happening and a few began turning out value priced cigars in bundles. As Old School smokers began trying and liking them, more started appearing in the market. After all, they were hand made, long leaf filled, tasted fine and were affordable as everyday smokes.

Cigar Boom & Bundles

Even during the cigar boom of the nineties when super premiums were at them highest there was a distinct group of cigar smokers that only wanted an decent inexpensive cigar. As prices have risen over the years, many more premium manufacturers began to understand the importance of this group of loyal every day smokers.

When JC Newman was launching the Quorum brand over thirty years ago, the entire industry took serious notice. Many people don’t know that Quorum is today’s largest selling cigar in the world! You can check out all three styles on our site. In fact, Quorum has even achieved a 90 rating!

Oliva, Arturo Fuente, Alec Bradley, General Cigar, Altadis, Perdomo and many other Premium Cigar companies are producing top quality, hand made, long filler beauties for us to enjoy frequently without guilt. Some may be described as sloppy seconds and imperfectly made. However, I’m here to tell you that brands like Quorum, Spirit of Cuba, Casa De Garcia and Odyssey and Drew Estate’s Factory Smokes are anything but.

In essence, what’s happened is these big companies began not discriminating against smaller amounts of money. What started as an offering to those guys that didn’t care about all the bells and whistles became an industry unto itself with all of us as beneficiaries!

I recommend you check out the bundled brands in the shop and try a few five packs. Sooner or later you’ll find a winner for you and your wallet!

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