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My Corona!

We, cigar smokers, are a unique bunch. We come from all walks of life like the rest of Americans and are bound together by the pleasure we get from cigars on so many levels. My friends know I’m a fan of Corona sized sticks. I just think they’re easier to handle and get to the best part of what a cigar has to offer quickly. But, that’s just me.

I’ve often looked at enjoying cigars as a kind of hobby. Now that I’m retired, it’s almost become a ritual that occurs every other late afternoon or evening outside my home while looking at the Arizona mountains. 

Over the years I’ve lived through some big events and listened to folks much older than me share their thoughts about Prohibition, the Great Depression, and World Wars.

Jump start to the here and right now. Depending on who and where you are in America, all our lives have been abruptly altered. Some much, much more than others, but changed non the less. While we deal with this vast temporary adjustment , we can still go somewhere to enjoy a cigar. When you think about it, with the exception of the packaging and prices, cigars haven’t really changed in over a hundred years. The Tobacco is grown the same way and they’re still made and packed by hand.

In an age of tweets, texts, emails combined with all the technology that has become part of our lives over the decades, I think it’s amazing that so many of us get so much pleasure from something so simple and unchanged….a cigar.

While we may be experiencing “Social Distancing”, having a great cigar with your favorite wine, bourbon, beer or whiskey remains being a a terrific, unique pleasure even if we’re doing it by ourselves.

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