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We Appreciate You!

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Who we are and why we really appreciate your business and truly thank you for it.

The internet sales and mail order of premium cigars is a very, very big business in the United States. As many states continue to increase tobacco taxes to Mafia like loan shark rates, people like you have  many choices to try and get the best value for your hard earned money.

And most of those choices are very big businesses as well. You probably know the names of these multi million dollar sites. They may differ a bit here and there, but rest assured these “Goliath” size establishments are major powerhouses in this category.

An then there’s us here at Cigar Thief. To say we’re the overshadowed “David” is an understatement. In truth, we are a teeny tiny independently owned grass roots shop with a few regular folks like me that love what we do and more importantly, love who we do it for…….You our customers.

We thought you’d appreciate a meat and potatoes, straight forward destination to see and read about all the cigars we offer free of annoying shipping charges as well as the articles I’ve written from my experiences within the tobacco industry and as a cigar loving smoker. We’ll never pester you with a seemingly endless barrage of email offers after you’ve made a purchase. We’ll never try to steer you to buy some loser no ones ever heard of. We’ll always respect your privacy. And most importantly, we’ll always respect your pocketbook and strive to give you the biggest cigar bang for your smoking buck!

We know how many choices you have to purchase your favorite cigars online. If you’re reading this, we hope you’ll cruise our site and see what us little guys can offer you. If you’ve become one of our most valued guests and made a purchase already, we humbly thank you from our heart of hearts.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any reason. If we can make your viewing and shopping experience better, we’ll do our best. If there’s a brand style you want that we don’t have, we’ll make a concerted effort to get it. If you think we need to sharpen our pencils to match any advertised price, consider it done.

Again, from us to you, thanks so much!

Use code “APPRECIATION” for 15% off any order!

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