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Cigar Samplers or Cigar Gift Packs?

Ave Maria Toro Sampler

First off, on behalf of our small crew here at The Cigar Thief, thanks so much for your business! We have been humbled by your heightened interest and increasing patronage on our young website marketplace. We follow one simple principle,

“No Customers, No Dinner!” and don’t discriminate against money no matter how small the amount you spend.

We’ve had some very good questions about our biggest selling category, Sampler Packs. I wanted to share some thoughts to help guide our valued guests as they search and enquire within this part of our site.

First off, there is a distinct difference between a Sampler pack and a Gift pack. While all our offerings are formally labeled as Sampler packs, we need you to look carefully at the product’s picture. When you come upon an item that shows a group of cigars standing alone without any kind of packaging, these are considered Sampler packs. They will be securely packaged in clear cellophane  and remain fresh throughout their journey to you. I like to call items like this “Humidor stuffers”  as they are usually purchased by smokers that want to replenish their stock with assortments of different styles of well know cigars. These folks are buying the cigars and really don’t care about their packaging. I guess they can be wrapped and given as gifts but I don’t feel they have the needed sizzle that’s goes along with the steak!

You’ll also notice many items in this category pictured in their own special wooden boxes, containers or branded packaging. As you can see, these types of items are designed as gifts worthy of giving. Depending on what a smoker has tried or  enjoys, you’ll see a wide selection of items to choose from to pleasantly surprise any cigar lover and make them very happy. Check out the items description or review to help guide you through making a decision or give us a call if we can help in any way.

Thanks again for your highly valued patronage.

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