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Ask “Doc” Harold #2

Spanish Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Spanish Cedar. You’ve all been told or read that this is the absolute best wood to store or age your cigars in. Some cigar producers even wrap selected sticks in thin Cedar jackets. Check out virtually any cigar cabinet making company and they’ll proudly exclaim that their products are lined with Spanish Cedar for optimum storage enhancement.

Ok. So why? Then I realized who better to answer the questions than “Doc” Harold! It was very interesting to hear what he had to say as follows.

Firstly, it’s interesting to note that Spanish Cedar does not come from Spain but from Central and South America. But that’s another story!

While virtually all unfinished woods are porous and absorb a percentage of moisture, the natural spacing of and specific characteristics of the grains in Spanish Cedar execute this process in the unique way resulting in a humidity level in and around the 70% range which happens to be the sweet spot for storing premium cigars. As a bonus the resin contained in Spanish Cedar makes it resistant to fungi and mold and insects like tobacco beetles that reject the underlying aroma of this unique wood.

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