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I couldn’t resist!

While I’m an avid fan of of single malt whiskeys, I really appreciate a great beer as well. After spending some time in the U.K. I came to appreciate the many pubs I visited and the interesting brews they served. Craft beers have become extremely popular in this country and the British have been creating them for over  two hundred years!

Quite frankly, I’ve been overwhelmed with the countless new entries over the last several years in the US. It seems like there’s been a continuous flow of never ending ales, porters, stouts, lagers and even flavored beers. In fact, I’ve come to learn there are thousands of American companies making up this amazing category of offerings for our thirst quenching pleasure and overall enjoyment.

When I moved here to Arizona in the summer of 2019, I found myself in a local supermarket looking at a pretty extensive array of beers. One caught my eye for a bunch of reasons. Boddingtons Pub Ale has been produced in England for over 240 years. Oddly enough, this isn’t really unique considering Bass Ale and Samuel Smith’s breweries have been around even longer.

Not being a fan of bitter or flavored brews, the words “Smooth and Creamy” sounded good. The red banner exclaiming, “Imported from Britain” was comforting since some of my favorite ones are no longer made in their country of origin. What I read on the back of the can what extremely interesting as you can see for yourself in the picture below.

It appears that this iconic brand employs what’s called the”Draughtflow System”. What this is is a tiny dome shaped device containing nitrogen gas and a small amount of beer. The pressure inside the can is greater than atmospheric pressure so when you open the can, the higher pressure is released allowing nitrogen to stream through a tiny hole in the device, which creates a steady surge of hissing gas. The  result is a successful replication of a pint poured in a pub.

So, not only was this one of the tastiest beers I’ve ever had, opening the can and watching the process was totally unique and wonderful. I immediately began researching this amazing “new” technology which I went on to find out was created 24 years ago. So much for being in the loop!

Enjoying this great product with your favorite cigar makes it taste even better!

Cheers Mates

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