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Back in April I shared some brief thoughts of what was to become a world altering event. As springtime transitioned into Summer then Fall it became starkly evident that COVID 19 would be with us for the foreseeable future. I hope and trust that you and your families are healthy and well. I watch the “News” too and understand what we continue to face. My only thought is that there are many spokes on the wheels of this country so I will always remain optimistic.

Throughout the year I’ve tried to pick a variety of topics that our common love of smoking cigars could be woven into. For most of us, cigars are enjoyable on many different levels. Getting to know many of our customers has been terrific. Hearing how cigars are coupled into your varied lifestyles has been fascinating. It seems as though the words FRIENDSHIP and FAMILY dominate them all. Our hobbies and selected interests also seem to be key contributors to the overall enjoyment of smoking a great cigar.

Lifestyles and activities will begin to change for many of us. For me here in Arizona I remember putting my BBQ grill away for the summer. It’s difficult to cook outside when it’s over 110 degrees! I recently brought it back out to prepare my wife’s favorite……RICHIE WINGS!

And yes…..of course I enjoyed a great cigar and beverage while doing it!

From what many of you have told me, hunting, fishing, hiking, car/motorcycle rallies,camping,cigar group gatherings,wine/whiskey tastings, sports watching and boating seem to be the top activities. I’m sure everyone is exercising an “abundance of caution” and exercising social distancing with a new found heightened sense of urgency considering the times we now live in. Continuing to live our lives to the best degree we can is obviously challenging but surely doable as so many of you have told me.

Traditionally, one of the most frequent occasions matched with enjoying cigars has always been any kind of celebration. A new job, a new car, a new child, an anniversary, a milestone, a new home, a great vacation, a graduation, a team victory and many many others.

I’ve tried to share many thoughts with all of you since I became a Cigar Thief team member. Recently I had the occasion to celebrate as well.

I was ill many years ago. It was an arduous journey to wellness. While I’ve always realized we are all victims of our humanity, when the defined status of your own mortality arises, you take serious note of what could happen. After my recovery I began a yearly regimen of getting checked out on a variety of fronts. As those days in a given year drew close I was always anxious and nervous. I learned all to well that you could be feeling fine and not be. When good results were reported, I sighed in relief year after year for more than a decade.

This past September 11th (of all days), the results of this routine were not good in appearance. I then began a journey of more tests, scans, exams and procedures that seemed to elevate the perceived gravity of what I could be facing. While my doctors remained stoic with their words, it was apparent that if the final results weren’t negative across the board, I would be facing an incurable disease head on on. Waiting for these findings was excruciating for me an my wife equally. “Putting your affairs in order” are words that have serious weight. I’ve always realized the truth that no one get’s out of this world alive but it’s a whole other notion when you’re given a timeline for your exit off the planet.

It wasn’t until November 3rd (of all days) that I received a call from my doctor that I was 100% OK on all fronts. Being relieved is an understatement of how I felt hearing his words. After hanging up the phone we laughed, cried and did a happy dance. And yes, I immediately poured myself a very stiff glass of whiskey and lit up a great cigar to celebrate.

While I was sipping and smoking I yet again realized how important it is to be thankful and happy for what we have, not what we think we want as well as a crystal clear understanding of the saying, “Your health is your wealth”.

While I speak for all of us here at our small grass roots company, I personally want to wish you and your families a very happy and HEALTHY upcoming Thanksgiving. Enjoy all you have and hold dear. Winter is state of mind and will pass.



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