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Alec Bradley Post Embargo

  • Alec Bradley Post Embargo


    The artwork on the brand’s box is beautiful. When this line was launched in 2017, the Lancero pulled a 92 rating letting us know there was more than a pretty face here! This great stick uses a very crafty combination of leaves yielding a Cuban style medium-full bodied smoke that’s unique. It has almost an earthy quality to it that seems somewhat fruity! It’s great draw and aromatic smoke even gains a kind of sweetness as you move along. The oily wrapper is a joy to behold! I highly recommend a five pack of Lanceros. This pigtailed, Old School style is rarely made today and remains one of my absolute favorites.

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Honduran-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Honduran-Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Honduran