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Corona Extra

  • Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne


    Nick Perdomo and his Dad are well renowned cigar makers. I’ve watched them grow to one of the world’s powerhouse teams producing a wide array of highly rated premiums. In fact, over 20 years ago I remember Nick personally traveling around the country and winding up in my Long Island store soliciting for business! Many years later when I went to the last big Cigar Show trying to see him was like trying to see a rock start! His success is well earned.

    When this 10th Anniversary Champagne line was launched it was well received. Let’s face it, Perdomo only makes great cigars! The Ecuadorian Connecticut seed wrapper encasing this Nicaraguan stick yields a mild taste with a nice bit of sweetness.

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaraguan

    Binder – Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Connecticut

  • Caldwell Savages


    What we don’t know about this interesting edition is the blend with the exception of the wrapper. What we do know is that it’s terrific! This brand launched in 2016 on a very limited edition basis in only its corona size. As with most of Caldwell’s entries, it was well received, pricey and quickly sold out. it’s now generally available in a variety of popular sizes. This stick stays firmly in the medium bodied range and has a slightly sweet and pepperlike complexity that isn’t overpowering.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Unknown

    Binder – Unknown

    Wrapper Type – Habano