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Grand Corona

  • Henry Clay Stalk Cut


    Gather ’round boys and girls and listen to a very interesting story. The long fillers and binder contained in this box pressed beauty are from 2012-2013 vintage crops. That alone makes for a great cigar.

    Where this stick separates itself from virtually all premiums is the USA Connecticut grown Broadleaf wrapper and the harvesting method employed for this edition. We know that after leaves are cut from the plant they’re either stored, aged, cured, fermented or a combination thereof. The plants grown for this cigars wrapper are actually cut off at the stalks base. Then the entire plant is hung upside down in the curing barns to age. This process allows all the minerals, nutrients and oils to continue flowing into the leaves. The result is a totally unique tasting , smooth and balanced medium to full bodied stick that is 92 rated and became a top 25 cigar of the year in 2017. I very, very highly recommend a five pack of your favorite size to sample this terrific entry.

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaraguan-Dominican

    Binder – Dominican Piloto

    Wrapper Type – Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro