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Gurkha Beast

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    Gurkha Beast


    Gather around kids. When this edition came to market in 2005 big ring sizes weren’t really the fad. I know that nowadays there are some cigars that almost seem as fat as tailpipes, but back then, this one took many by surprise. Gurkha put a lot of time and effort into this cigar. While the three country blend of fillers and binder took a while to get just right, the acquisition of a dark, oily Costa Rican wrapper that had been aging around 8 years to encase it was a huge deal.

    This six by sixty bombshell was then placed in a beautiful box and took off. This medium-full bodied stick has a slow cool burn and is smooth to the end. Expensive…yes. Worth it…I think so. It’s stood the test of time to earn a try. Just make sure you put aside over an hour to enjoy it!

    Origin – Costa Rica
    Filler – Colombian-Dominican-Honduran
    Binder – Nicaraguan-Honduran
    Wrapper Type – Costa Rican