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Long Live the Queen

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    Caldwell Long Live the Queen
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    Caldwell Long Live the Queen


    With attention to detail, Long Live the Queen is a four-country blend consisting of a reddish-brown Cameroon cover leaf, a Sumatra binder grown in Indonesia and a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. What’s more important is these cigars have been aging for the better part of a year after they were rolled, so these are ready to be smoked right out of the box. When the highly critical folks at Stogie Press gave it an astounding 97 rating, they described this medium bodied, slow burning cigar as amazing. The senior reviewer at Halfwheel said it best, “In fact, this is a flavor bomb of almost epic proportions. It’s incredibly sweet and creamy on the palate, but with enough spice and white pepper to enhance the flavors instead of taking anything away from the overall profile.”

    Wrapper: Cameroon
    Binder: Indonesian Sumatra
    Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan