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My Father Tabacos Baez Serie SF

  • My Father Tabacos Baez Serie SF


    When you get a chance, click the “Ask Richie” icon at the upper left-hand part of the screen above and read the “Bundles of Joy” submission. Value priced cigars have become big business for most of the manufacturers. These low cost, hand made premiums have been welcomed by countless smokers as everyday guilt-free enjoyment. My Fathers Cigars have become major players over the last several years producing some of the most popular, highest rated entries ever. If you’re wondering how such a Super Premium company can turn out a great stick for under $3, the first answer is short filler tobacco. Hence, the “SF”. These Nicaraguan puros won’t be around forever. They’re medium-bodied and smooth smoking with a bit of spice and………they even come in a box! Enjoy!

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaragua

    Binder – Nicaragua

    Wrapper Type – Nicaragua