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Padron 1924 40th Anniversary Handmade Cigar Humidor

  • Padron 1926 40th Anniversary Chest


    Padron 1926 40th Anniversary Chest is one this iconic company’s most exclusive offerings.

    This very limited edition 40th Anniversary Chest Humidor is hand made and hand painted in great detail. With this in mind, variations between humidors will occur. Each humidor includes forty [40]  Padron 1926 40th Anniversary torpedo maduro cigars! Each one is masterfully crafted, cedar-lined and signed by the artisan that produced it. They all feature a hand carved Padron label on the top, plus all the beauty and slight imperfections you’d expect from a one-of-a-kind item. The seamless seal will keep the precious contents fresh for longer than they’ll last!

    If you love these cigars and consider yourself a collector, this amazing chest should be in your possession! Without a doubt, what we can say is that this item will not be around for long. As you can see, the one containing the Naturals is gone for good.

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