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  • Ashton Symmetry


    There’s a few reasons why 90 rated Ashtons have remained in the top ten for decades. They are made by the folks at Arturo Fuente. They are insanely consistent and remain one of the benchmarks for mild to mellow taste. If you’ve smoked them you know. If you haven’t, I envy you!

    The Symmetry edition was Ashton’s first venture into adding Nicaraguan leaves with their traditional Dominican filler. The result has been several 94 ratings along with two placements in the top 25 category. This cigar was a real achievement. Not only did it offer a more complex robust taste, it retained Ashton’s classic smoothness with a medium bodied flavor.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Dominican

    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Habano

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    Davidoff Griffins Classic


    Many moons ago, Davidoff introduced this elegant, perfectly made brand to smokers that enjoyed consistently smooth and mild cigars. Over the years Griffins have garnered a fiercely loyal fan club despite their price. The huge array of available sizes and styles is a rare testament of the company’s desire to cater to smokers preferences of this Luxury cigar throughout its long history.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Dominican

    Binder – Coming Soon!

    Wrapper Type – Connecticut