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Robusto Grande

  • Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970


    50 years ago this old soldier was considered one of the world’s best cigar with a reputation as a true cuban style “He Man” stick. If you’re a fan of mild smokes stand clear of this 90+ rated long time full bodied old school favorite. While this brand style remains one of my favorites with whiskey, if you search the name you’ll see a bunch of new styles to the line added by Drew Estate who now owns this great brand.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Criollo

  • Montecristo White


    When this Cuban brand was launched in 1935, the world of Premium Cigars changed forever. Their #2 Torpedo became the world’s biggest selling cigar. I’ve had a few of them over the years and can honestly say they were ok. But that’s just me.

    Altadis acquired this iconic name decades ago and began producing many sizes and styles available to all of us. When this edition appeared in 2017, an entire new group of smokers discovered this brand for the first time. Many of those folks that gravitated to mild to mellow tasting cigars now had a Montecristo to call their own. The addition of tamer Nicaraguan fillers with Dominican leaves and encasing it with an Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper yields a smooth, lighter smoke with a tiny bit of crispy spice that’s enjoyable for everyone. The Court corona sized tubes are one of my favorites.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Connecticut

  • Omar Ortez Maduro


    More full bodied than it lighter sister and value priced as well! If you’re a fan of robust taste and want an everyday smoke that’s budget friendly….look no more! A 90 rating doesn’t hurt either!

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Nicaraguan-Panamanian

    Binder – Mexican

    Wrapper Type – Maduro

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    Rocky Patel TabaqueroQuick View

    Rocky Patel Tabaquero


    No one disputes that Rocky Patel is one of the few Titans of the Premium Cigar Industry. Over 20 years ago as he began his quest to get a foothold in the marketplace he actually got in his car and traveled the country visiting high volume Tobacconists unannounced! When he wound up in my store to sell his first entry, I hesitantly took a chance on him. Actually, he was such a nice and appreciative person I couldn’t resist! The rest is cigar history!

    This edition has an interesting back story. Hamlet Paredes is a very well known cigar roller hailing from Cuba that Rocky actually assisted leaving Cuba to come to the US. This cigar is his first creation that Rocky commissioned him to make. The three country blend actually delivers a Cuban Style taste with a medium flavor strength. Its 90 rating is a testament to this well made, carefully blended entry.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Brazil-Mexican
    Wrapper Type – San Andres

  • Joya De Nicaragua Antano Gran Reserva


    50 years ago this brands Original entry (featured on our site) was considered one of the world’s best cigars with a reputation as a true cuban style “He Man” stick. If you’re a fan of mild smokes you would have stood clear of this 90+ rated long time full bodied old school favorite. It still remains one of my favorites with whiskey.

    Drew Estate acquired the brand in 2018 and it wasn’t long before they began reinventing this iconic brand. After launching the Red and Black editions (listed on our site) they turned to the Original and did what I never thought they could. In 2018 the Gran Reserva line was rated 93 and placed #16 as one of the best cigars of the year! While this stick has the same overall blend used in the Original, all the leaves were allowed to age a long, long time. The results are all the characteristics of the Original with a smoother, medium bodied taste creating a tamer, friendlier smoke that everyone can enjoy.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan Corojo

  • Herrera Esteli Brazilian Maduro


    Now I really know you know what you’re looking for! When Master Blender Willy Herrera teamed up with Jonathan Drew (Drew Estate) in 2014 it caught everyone’s attention. As this first Habano edition hit the street receiving an incredible 94 rating along with placing #8 in the top 25 cigars of the year, we all knew a new level of cigar making had begun.

    This 90 rated edition proved again just how masterful Willy is at blending cigars. By using dark oily,Brazilian binder leaves as a wrapper with combining Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaraguan fillers, the results yield a medium to full bodied flavor.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf
    Wrapper Type – Maduro