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Rocky Patel A-10 Special Edition

  • Rocky Patel A-10 Special Edition


    It hard to believe The Edge is over 15 years old. This massively popular edition has been pleasing so many smokers so consistently for so long. If you haven’t tried one, please check them out on our site. When the brand celebrated its 10th birthday, Rocky decided to do something entirely different to celebrate. Most twin wrapper sticks don’t stand up to their appearance when it comes to content and character. The medium bodied A-10 achieves both. It took a lot of thought blending this stick. The crispy, light tasting taste changes to a spicy, cedary flavor about mid way. As you move along, all of this intensifies. Very unique smoking experience. Enjoy!

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Nicaraguan-Panamanian

    Binder – Honduran

    Wrapper Type – Corojo