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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

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    Tatuaje Skinny Monsters


    It’s been almost 10 years since Tatuaje has been producing this highly rated quirky edition of sticks around Halloween time with names like, Drac, The Wolfman and Boris to name a few. While the Robusto size boxes of ten have always been very limited editions, the Skinny line’s uprite box of Lanceros has been more widely available, with sporadic backorders throughout the year. Since taste is a personal preference and considering the 10 editions we list, what can be said is that with the exception of the mild-mellow Tiff, the others all range from medium-full bodied in taste. I’ve always loved Lanceros. For me, their overall size allows the best of what a cigar tastes like arrives quickly and are cool burning. But hey, that’s just me! Considering Skinny’s popularity, most folks will take what’s available at any given time. Any one is an enjoyable and unique smoking experience.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Varied
    Binder – Varied
    Wrapper Type – Habano