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    Aganorsa Supreme Leaf 2022


    Supreme Leaf is packed in vibrant colors to reflect the intense corojo dominated flavors and aroma experienced when you light this Nicaraguan puro up.  Supreme Leaf is released twice a year each time in a different vitola.  Grab a 5-pack if you see one because they sell out fast!


  • Aganorsa Rare Leaf Reserve


    Cuban-seed Criollo 98 dominant and bursting with spice, earth and a touch of sweetness, Rare Leaf utilizes tobaccos which are selected from special lots on Aganorsa’s best farms.



  • Aganorsa Habano


    This is a strong, robust, full bodied, Cuban style cigar. Buckle Up! Origin – Nicaragua Filler – Nicaraguan Binder – Nicaraguan Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan Habano

  • Aganorsa Leaf Anniversario Maduro 2021

  • Aganorsa Maduro


    This Aganorsa maduro edition contains the same vintage Nicaraguan long-filler leaves as the original Corojo entry. The big difference is the triple fermented, very dark San Andres Mexican wrapper. Don’t let this stick’s top coat scare you! While medium to full bodied in overall taste, it retains a smooth flavor that’s very enjoyable. With a 93-rating and landing on the 2016 Top 25 list, what more do you need to know? Origin – United States Filler – Nicaraguan Binder – Nicaraguan Wrapper Type – San Andres Maduro

  • Aganorsa Corojo


    It’s been said that this original edition of the series is an “acquired taste”. Yes, it was rated 93 and generally described as a very good medium bodied stick. And yes, it utilized a vintage blend of Nicaraguan long fillers and binder combined with a Corojo wrapper from 2006. While some folks felt it wasn’t strong enough, others said it was just right. As I’ve always said, taste is a personal preference. Origin – Nicaragua Filler – Nicaraguan Binder – Nicaraguan Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan Corojo

  • Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection Maduro

  • Buena Cosecha Corojo


    This edition is yet another wonderfully balanced Nicaraguan puro. This perfectly made stick is a slow burning, super smooth and creamy medium-bodied joy to behold. It’s rare when you find such an enjoyable cigar that goes as well with a morning coffee as it does with cognac and Coke! The tiny bit of spice combined with the blend’s complex velvety taste is totally unique. I recommend a five pack of Torpedos to get the full experience. Origin – Nicaragua Filler – Nicaraguan Binder – Nicaraguan Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan

  • Aganorsa Signature Selection


    Here’s the recipe for this medium to full flavored robust creation:
    -Use long filler leaves from the very top of the plant consisting of 1998 Criollo and 1999 Corojo vintages
    -Use 1999 Rosado Corojo Wrapper
    -Age for seven years
    The results are a rare combination of balanced sweetness, spice and overall complexity that hasn’t been duplicated. I recommend a five pack of small corona gordas for a wonderfully unique smoking experience.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Corojo
    Wrapper Type – Corojo

  • Aganorsa Connecticut


    Out of all the Aganorsa editions we offer, I think this one has the “secret sauce”! We know that the specifics of the fillers and binder are not really disclosed but can comfortably surmise that Casa Fernandez only uses the finest vintage leaves. The Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper gives this stick a unique twist. While Connecticut usually means mild to mellow in taste, this cigar’s coat combined with the inners yields an extremely flavorful, medium bodied smoke with the signature character the company is known for. This is a wonderful smoking experience in the morning as well as a satisfying nightcap. Origin – Nicaragua Filler – Varied Binder – Varied Wrapper Type – Ecuador Connecticut