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  • Blanco Nine


    Blanco Nine

    The NINE is made with the finest Oscuro Corojo wrapper grown in Nicaragua. The wrapper, which has been aged for a minimum of three years, has been masterfully blended with an exquisite binder from the world famous Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. To achieve the complex and sophisticated taste and aroma of this full-flavored and full-bodied cigar, three different ligero leaves are used from various Nicaraguan tobaccos as filler. This cigar has a dark, oily and marbleized colored wrapper. There are notes of wood and cocoa on the unlit foot with big flavors right off the light. Smooth draw with clouds of rich smoke. Earth, coffee and spices dominate the palate, quickly followed by a full and long- lasting body. This is a big smoke with a big profile. After 8 attempts at blending this cigar the ninth was perfection! The NINE is a ten.

  • Blanco Above & Beyond


    Blanco Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond® by Blanco Cigars. This series, the first of a planned four, is called “Heroes”. It is a tribute to those that have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price in Civil Service (Police, Fire, EMS) and the Armed Forces. It is also the long-awaited rebranded blend that was used for the American Legion cigar. ALL the Heroes sizes are box-pressed torpedoes. We did this so that the secondary band on the head of the cigar could be cone-shaped as this is meant to symbolize the folded U.S. flag that all Heroes families are presented at the time they are laid to rest.

    We plan on sharing the stories of many Heroes and the type of hero they were, as categorized by the name (size) of the cigar. There are four (4) types of heroes; Willing, Unwilling, Classic and Epic.

  • Blanco Prince Hall


    Blanco Prince Hall Maduro

    WRAPPER: Habano Maduro (Nicaragua)
    BINDER: Sumatra
    FILLERS: Nicaraguan

    A full body cigar with rich, robust flavors and aromas. Including notes of leather, wood and earth with a floral bouquet and hint of spice throughout the retro-hale. Culminating with a clean, smooth finish.

    Blanco Prince Hall Rosado

    WRAPPER: Habano Rosado (Nicaragua)
    BINDER: Nicaraguan
    FILLERS: Nicaraguan

    A medium body cigar with complex notes of oak, leather and caramel with a pleasant floral aroma. Culminating in a slightly sweet, creamy, textured smoke with a clean, smooth finish.

  • Blanco Primos Estate Selection


    Blanco Primos Estate Selection Rosado

    WRAPPER: Habano Rosado (Nicaraguan)

    BINDER: Honduran

    FILLERS: Honduran, Nicaraguan & Peruvian

    The Habano Rosado wrapper used for this cigar is grown in Nicaragua and is aged 3 years using the time honored tradition that our family has perfected over the past 157 years. The wrapper is combined with a binder from Jalapa (Nicaragua) which adds to the complexity and flavor. The filler is a wonderful blend of tobaccos from three countries including Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru which provide the rich flavor and sweet aroma we were looking for. An experienced smoker with a discerning palate will enjoy the subtle nuances provided by the variety of tobaccos in these medium-bodied cigars. COMPLEXITY THROUGH DIVERSITY!

    Blanco Primos Estate Selection Maduro

    BINDER: Honduran

    FILLERS: Honduran, Nicaraguan & Peruvian

    Our Habano Maduro wrapper is known to be one of the best in the world. A master blender with extraordinary skill is required to create a cigar using this wrapper. The wrapper which is also aged 3 years can be overbearing if not countered by the proper binder and filler combination when blending this cigar. Through the experience our family has acquired over 5 generations of working with tobacco we have been able to create a superb cigar with an evenly balanced complexity. We achieved this by using a binder from Jalapa (Nicaragua) and filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. These cigars were intended for full-body smokers looking for a complex sophisticated flavor with a rich aroma. SOPHISTICATION WITH BODY!

  • Blanco Exclusiva de Familia


    Blanco Exclusiva de Familia Connecticut

    WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade, U.S. Seed (Honduran)

    BINDER: Nicaraguan

    FILLERS: Nicaraguan

    A mild to medium bodied cigar with creamy notes, hints of oak, sweet earth, dry tobacco and a slight pepper kick with a long smooth finish.

    Blanco Exclusiva de Familia Maduro

    WRAPPER: Pennsylvania Broadleaf  Maduro (American)

    BINDER: Nicaraguan

    FILLERS: Nicaraguan

    A medium-full bodied cigar with deep earthy notes, hints of oak, sweet earth, spicy tobacco and a peppery kick with a long smooth finish.