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  • Camacho Connecticut


    The Camacho website introduces the Connecticut by stating, “This is one Camacho smoke that doesn’t kick in the door. It knocks. And enters with a mild, smooth taste.”  With that being said, as the high ratings came in, the industry knew this cigar was a winner. Without a doubt, this well made cigar is not your father’s Connecticut. When the highly critical folks at Cigar Dojo rated it a 90, they described it best, “The Connecticut begins with notes of spice that grows the further you go along. It’s the same bold flavor I have come to expect from Camacho, sans the heaviness you get from stronger blends. The blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos brought out the spice but with hints of sweetness not found in other Camachos.”

    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Grown Connecticut
    Binder: Corojo (Camacho’s original Cuban seed)
    Filler: Generoso, Aleman Ligero
    Factory: Agroindustrias Laepe S.A. (Honduras)

  • Camacho Liberty Series 2021


    Camacho Liberty Series for 2021 represents this special cigar’s 19th entry.This annual release commemorates the 4th of July holiday. The complex blend of leaves is put through additional fermentation and aging to marry the four country blend to perfection.

    This coffin boxed Churchill is the definition of grit, boldness, and dedication. You’ll experience that as soon as you light it up.  Explosive pepper and spice hit immediately, with a nutty creamy finish. As this flavor ride develops, notes of rich, strong coffee and oak wood layer onto the profile. The aromas are immense and captivating in their boldness and intensity. Camacho Liberty Series is the perfect sidekick for the fireworks and celebrations of our Independence Day or any holiday you choose.

    Country of Origin: Honduras
    Wrapper: Ecuador
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Dominican & Honduran
    Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A.

  • Camacho Corojo Box Pressed



    Wrapper: Honduran Corojo (5th Priming)
    Binder: Honduran Corojo
    Filler: Honduran Corojo | Pennsylvania Broadleaf
    Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras, S.A. (Honduras)

  • Connecticut Sampler


    Are you a fan of super creamy Connecticut wrapped cigars?  Then look no further!  Our team at The Cigar Thief has curated the most amazing Connecticut sampler for you!  These cigars are creamy, smooth ,and full of flavor.  What are you waiting for?  Try one today at an amazing price and it will not disappoint!

    Sampler Includes:

    1x Liga Undercrown Shade Gran Toro

    1x Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Churchill

    1x EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Divino

    1x Rocky Patel 7 Year 1999 Toro

    1x Camacho Connecticut Toro

  • Camacho Assortments

  • Camacho Ecuador Box Pressed


    When the highly critical folks at Cigar Coop rated this complex cigar at 92, they said it best,”This cigar delivered excellent flavor and had a nice amount of complexity. I also found the medium to full strength and body of this cigar clicked with the flavors perfectly.” Combine this with Cigar Coop’s similar ranking describing it as follows,” Flavor triumphs complexity here, with big, bright, lively notes of citrus, cedar, buttered nuts, and pour-over coffee leading the charge.” And you have a winner for sure! No doubt that the soft box pressing provides an enhanced draw allowing everything this great cigar offers to envelope your palate totally.

    If you haven’t tried the Camacho Ecuador Box Pressed, grab at least a five pack to taste the meaning of complexity for a truly enjoyable smoking experience.

    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000
    Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler: Honduran Corojo | Honduran Criollo Ligero | Dominican Pelo de Oro | Pennsylvania Broadleaf
    Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras, S.A. (Honduras)

  • Camacho Factory Unleashed Toro 2021


    Camacho Factory Unleashed Toro for 2021 is one of this company’s great “more affordable” cigars. This shaggy footed 6×50 sized medium to full bodied smoke is absolutely jam packed with tobacco assuring a long enjoyable smoke with an amazing aroma. From start to finish the Unleashed is an absolute flavor bomb with heaps of natural tobacco taste along the way.

    Country of Origin: Honduras
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
    Binder: Honduras
    Filler: Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua
    Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A.

  • Camacho Nicaragua


    The Camacho Nicaraguan edition is considered by many to be the finest Camacho release in years. When the robusto scored an astounding 94, Cigar Aficionado plainly stated it was one of the best cigars they’ve smoked all year. This oily wrapped gem is actually a four country blend of vintage leaves. This complexity creates a medium to full bodied cigar  possessing a sweet and spicy taste with pronounced flavor notes of cocoa, nougat, fruits and hardwoods. When this cigar launched, the folks at Davidoff described it best. “This series creates depth to our Camacho Core portfolio appealing to a wider range of consumers’ tastes. Although bold, the blend is balanced and remarkably flavorful.” Enough said! It’s time to taste an amazing cigar that rated higher than its Cuban counterparts!

    Country of Origin: Honduras
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian
    Binder: Honduras
    Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic
    Factory: Diadema Cigars de Honduras S.A.

  • Camacho Cigarillos

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    Camacho Triple Maduro
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    Camacho Triple Maduro


    It took five countries worth of leaves and dozens of blending attempts to produce this ominously near black beauty for those smokers that want strength above all. This Camacho Triple Maduro edition will take your palate to the very edge of its taste capabilities without destroying it. The key words here are rich, robust and powerful. Definitely not for beginners. Buckle up…BIG TIME!

    Origin – Honduras

    Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro
    Binder: Authentic Honduran Corojo Maduro
    Filler: Maduro (Honduran, Brazilian, Dominican)

  • Camacho Ecuador


    The highly rated Camacho Ecuador is being made at Agroindustras Laepe, S.A. in Honduras and features a complex four country multi-national blend. The results are a medium plus to full bodied experience that seasoned smokers have been enjoying for years. As potent as this cigar is, the array of flavors are defined and creamy. Grab a five pack and enjoy this great cigar with your favorite libation.

    When the folks at The Cigar Authority gave it a 93 on their scale, one senior reviewer summed it up as follows, “A subtle mix of spices and sweetness that are enjoyable at any time of day, this is a cigar that is definitely box worthy and a welcome addition to the great Camacho portfolio.”

    Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
    Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler: Corojo, Criollo Ligero, Pelo de Oro (Honduras and Dominican Republic)

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    Camacho Corojo MaduroQuick View

    Camacho Corojo Maduro


    What do you get when you take the original 90 rated Corojo edition blend and add a triple fermented maduro wrapper? Increased strength, intensity and more of what made the original terrific. If you like Corojo, you’ll love this blend encased with its near black, oily top coat that’s been aged for 18 months. These medium to full bodied cigars don’t trade flavor for strength. The result is a terrific smoke that’s rich in color, deep in flavor and with a texture of raw leather. Sweet, dark and packed with unique spice. Camacho’s Corojo Maduro is a winner!

    Wrapper: Grade A Maduro Corojo (Authentic Corojo 5th Priming)
    Binder: Corojo (Authentic Corojo)
    Filler: Corojo (Authentic Corojo 3 Primings)
    Factory: AgroIndustrias Laepe, S.A. (Camacho factory in Honduras)