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H Upmann

  • H Upmann Vintage Cameroon


    You found it! While most of us know the H. Upmann brand, few know the rarity of this 90 rated beauty. Yes, it’s medium to full bodied like most Upmanns are. What may folks don’t know is something I’ve talked about before. The Cameroon wrapper is amazing! It changes the character of this cigar to yield a smoother, tastier Upmann. Not that the others aren’t great! These Cedar wrapped beauties are unique and are even better if you let them age.Try a five pack for yourself.

    Origin – Dominican Republic
    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan-Peruvian
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Cameroon

  • H Upmann The Banker


    We all know that H. Upmann is one of the longest running successful names in the Industry. What is not generally known is that the Patriarch started a Cuban Bank the year before he started his cigar factory. As the business grew he made a very special cigar for his wealthiest clients. Over the ensuing years, he’d produce these gems following a secret blending formula he kept in his bank’s vault. When the bank burned down, that was the end of that!

    The 91 rated, well made, medium bodied Banker is a tribute to Cuban styled smokes without the high level of strength. The three country blend of tobaccos yields a balanced taste with just a little bit of spice along the way that’s creamy and balanced.

    Origin – Dominican Republic
    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Habano

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    H Upmann Reserve Maduro


    Don’t be afraid of the dark! This 91 rated three country creation is a thing of beauty. Encasing the vintage fillers and binder with a oily, very dark brown selected wrapper from San Andreas Mexico gives this sold medium bodied cigar what seems like and endless smoking experience. I’ve often said that it was a shame so few folks tried and realized how great this cigar is. It’s rarely found in stores but we proudly offer it on our site. Try a five pack and see for yourself!

    Origin – Honduras
    Filler – Honduran-Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – San Andres

  • H Upmann Herman’s Batch

  • H Upman Banker New

  • H Upmann 1844 Reserve 25 COUNT

  • H Upmann Hispaniola – Jose Mendez

  • H Upman Legacy

  • H Upman 1844 Anejo

  • H Upmann Connecticut


    The Groupo de Maestros written inside the lid of the box proudly states that the master blenders at Altadis responsible for many of the Romeo, Monte Cristo and H. Upmann selections we enjoy got together again to produce a new style of an iconic brand. Unlike H. Upmanns traditional medium to full bodied smokes, This Connecticut edition delivers mild to mellow, smooth and creamy taste to the masses! If you’ve steered away from H. Upmann in the past, now you can enjoy what they’ve been doing well for over a hundred years!

    Origin – Dominican Republic
    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan
    Binder – Dominican
    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Connecticut

  • H Upmann AJ Fernandez


    The H. Upmann brand spans over 170 years and has remained a top rated, consistent favorite for countless smokers. As one of Altadis’ flagship marques, we’ve become accustomed to to the excellence of these Dominican beauties. When Master Blender AJ Fernandez was commissioned to add his genius to the H. Upmann name, the result was a 90 rated superstar!

    By combining a selected Dominican long filler with 29 year old vintage Nicaraguan Criollo and Piloto Cubano additions encased in an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, I think he outdid himself! This complex, medium-full bodied smoke draws perfectly and will give you a real insight into why AJ is the Master he is! Please try a five pack of your favorite size and you’ll see what I mean.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Sumatra