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Liga Privada

  • Liga Privada No. 9


    It’s hard to believe it’s been over 15 years since then Drew Estate President Steve Saka created this amazing world class cigar. This artfully crafted four country blend of seven different tobaccos gave  Steve the Master Blender status he so richly deserved. Aging the near black, oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper for 18 months wasn’t enough. Before boxing them, they’re allowed to sit and stew for another year.  The complex full bodied, robust tobacco taste of this slow burning masterpiece yields a thick heavy flavor of natural tobacco.  Despite being jammed packed with vintage long leaf fillers and binder leaves and being almost hard to the touch, it draws effortlessly.  This brand has an extremely loyal fan base that will grab any available size. Hence, my advice is to get them when we have them and SERIOUSLY enjoy!

    Country of Origin: Nicaragua
    Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
    Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf No. 1 Darks
    Binder: Plantation Grown Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan

  • Liga Privada T52


    The T52 edition is the most interesting one of the Liga Privada series. The use of stalk cut leaves adds another dimension to its overall character. Normally, leaves are cut off from the plant’s stalk and then allowed to ferment. In this case, part of the blend is composed from leaves that are allowed to age while still being attached to the plant which has been cut from its base and hung upside down. This rarely used process enables all the resin and oils from the entire plant to move into the leaves giving these fillers a truly district taste. Aging the leaves from 24-36 months adds to this blends complexity as well.

    The bottom line is a medium to full bodied cigar with a ton of natural tobacco flavors yielding notes of wine, syrup and spice. Another winner for sure. And like the other two, get them while we have them.

    Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
    Wrapper: Connecticut River Valley Stalk Cut & Cured Sun Grown Habano
    Binder: Plantation Grown Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua

  • Liga Privada Unico


    With an array of non conforming offerings, Liga Privada Unico edition offers seasoned cigar smokers a unique option.  All of the cigars within this series are not only different in size and blend, but they are extra special, extremely limited and exceptionally delicious. Every Unico is made with all the vintage tobacco this amazing brand is known for. Any one we have in stock is a top pick and will be sure to please!


  • Liga Privada H99


    Liga Privada H99 Toro is finally here!

    The Liga Privada H99 Connecticut uses a corojo-seed leaf grown in the Connecticut River Valley. Underneath that is a Mexican San Andrés negro binder over a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.

    And the best part, its available. Grab them before they’re sold out.

    Wrapper: H99 Connecticut Corojo (USA)
    Binder: San Andrés Otapan Negro Último Corte (Mexico)
    Filler: Nicaragua | Honduras
    Factory: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate (Nicaragua)

  • Liga Privada Aniversario


    The Aniversario is latest offering from the iconic Liga Privada brand and is another marvel of medium plus to full bodied taste that’s complex, robust and extremely flavorful. Unfortunately, they’re extremely hard to keep in stock. Stayed tuned for availability and get them if you want them when we have them!

    Wrapper: U.S.A. (Connecticut Criollo)
    Binder: Mexico (San Andrés Otapan Negro Último Corte)
    Filler: Nicaragua & U.S.A. (Pennsylvania)

  • Out StockLiga Privada Top Tier Toro SamplersQuick View

    Top Tier Toro Sampler


    Not only does this Top Tier Toro Sampler contain 1 each of the coveted Liga Privada blends, you’ll also get 1 of the exclusive Undercrown Maduro cigars!

    The Top Tier Toro Sampler Includes the following amazing cigars:

    1 Liga Privada Aniversario Toro

    1 Liga Privada T52 Toro

    1 Liga Privada No 9 Toro Oscuro

    1 Liga Privada H99 Toro

    1 Undercrown Maduro Drew Estate Lounge Exclusive Box Pressed Toro

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    Liga Privada La Unico Sampler
    Quick View

    Liga Privada Unico Sampler


    The Liga Privada Unico Sampler features 6 fantastic Unico smokes! All samplers ship completely FREE and come in a humidified resealable bag. Each sampler includes one each of the following styles:

    •  Feral Flying Pig
    •  Dirty Rat
    • Velvet Rat
    • L40 Lancero
    • Ratzilla
    •  UF – 13 Dark

    For your convenience and confidence, these samplers ship FREE in a humidified travel bag.

  • Out Stock
    Liga Privada Flying Pig SamplerQuick View

    Liga Privada Flying Pig Sampler


    The Liga Flying Pig sampler is an assortment of some of Ligas best flying piggies. Here’s what you’ll get with your sampler:

    • Liga Privada Unico “Feral Flying Pig”
    • Liga Privada T52 “Flying Pig”
    • Liga Privada No.9 “Flying Pig”
    • Liga Undercrown Maduro “Flying Pig”

    It’s a fun little sampler that’s going to knock your socks off. Size indeed doesn’t matter! This sampler ships free in a humidified resealable travel bag 🙂

  • Liga Sampler 3 Brothers


    These 3 brothers all pack a punch!  Try the best blends from the Liga Privada series by Drew Estate in one awesome curated sampler!


    1x – Liga H99 Toro

    1x – Liga T52 Toro

    1x – Liga No. 9 Toro

  • Liga Undercrown by Drew Estate