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Liga Privada

  • Liga Privada No. 9

  • Liga Privada T52

  • Liga Year of the Rat Sampler 2022


    The Liga Year of the Rat Sampler features:

    • Liga Privada Year of the Rat 2022 Edition
    • Liga Privada No. 9 Toro
    • Liga Privada T52 Toro
    • Undercrown Maduro Toro
    • Undercrown ShadyXX

    As usual, this sampler ships completely free!

  • Liga Privada Unico

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    Liga Privada Flying Pig Sampler


    The Liga Flying Pig sampler is an assortment of some of Liga’s best flying piggies. Here’s what you’ll get with your sampler:

    • 1 x Liga Privada Unico “Feral Flying Pig”
    • 1 x Liga Privada T52 “Flying Pig”
    • 1 x Liga Privada No.9 “Flying Pig”
    • 1 x Liga Undercrown Maduro “Flying Pig”

    It’s a fun little sampler that’s going to knock your socks off. Size indeed doesn’t matter! This sampler ships free in a humidified resealable travel bag 🙂

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    Liga Privada Unico Sampler


    The Liga Privada Unico Sampler features:

    • 1 x Feral Flying Pig
    • 1 x Dirty Rat
    • 1 x Velvet Rat
    • 1 x L40 Lancero
    • 1 x Ratzilla
    • 1 x UF – 13 Dark

    As usual, samplers ship FREE and in a humidified travel bag.

  • Liga Privada H99


    Liga Privada H99 Toro is finally here!

    The Liga Privada H99 Connecticut uses a corojo-seed leaf grown in the Connecticut River Valley. Underneath that is a Mexican San Andrés negro binder over a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.

    And the best part, its available. Grab them before they’re sold out.