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My Father

  • My Father Judge


    Cigar of the year in 2013 and 2015 beating out every cigar including every Cuban entry. Box pressed, medium-full bodied gem. Get them when we have them so when we don’t, you do! Enough said!

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Sumatra

  • My Father Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial


    Don Pepin Garcia is a part of the My Fathers Cigars group. This entry is from his son Jaime. This is a full bodied, spicy cigar that garnered 90 rating. It’s well made and packed with tobacco for a long burn.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Coming Soon!
    Wrapper Type – Connecticut Broadleaf

  • My Father Crafted by Jaime Garcia

  • My Father Original 5 Cigar Sampler


    The My Father Selection Sampler with lighter and cutter can be a great gift or an introduction for anyone looking to try out My Father cigars.

    • 1 x Don Pepin Garcia Original Blue Toro
    • 1 x Jamie Garcia Reserva Especial Toro
    • 1 x La Antiguedad Toro
    • 1 x El Centurion Toro
    • 1 x Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Toro
    • 1 x My Father cutter
    • 1 x My Father lighter

    All cigars are in the toro (6×52) size and ship with a Boveda pack.

  • My Father Toro Selection Sampler


    My Father Selection Toro Sampler with cutter and lighter

  • My Father Le Bijou 1922


    As you would expect, this amazing edition got rated 97 and become the 2nd of the top 25 cigars in 2015 beating out a bunch of Cuban competitors. With that said, this stick is remarkably complex yielding a medium to very full bodied taste that gains a noticeable intensity as you move along. If you’re a My Father’s fan, it’s a must try. If you’re new to the fold, try a five pack of the perfectly made Box Pressed Torpedos and prepare to see God!

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper Type – Habano Oscuro

  • My Father Belicoso Sampler with Cutter & Lighter (Box of 6)


    This My Father Belicoso sampler consists of 6 phenomenal cigars plus a cool lighter and cutter. This is a medium bodied sampler. The cigars are:

    • 2 x My Father No. 2 Belicosos (rated 93 by Cigars Aficionado)
    • 2 x My Father Le Bijou Torpedos (rated 97 by Cigars Aficionado)
    • 2 x My Father Connecticut Belicosos

    Your sampler ships with a Boveda pack so that your cigars arrive fresh and tasty.

  • My Father Flor de las Antillas


    Rated 96 and named Cigar of the Year in 2012 beating out every other cigar including all the Cuban entries. Medium-full bodied. Amazing. Enough said.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Coming Soon!
    Wrapper Type – Sun Grown

  • My Father Don Pepin Garcia Original

  • My Father Le Bijou 100 Anos LE 2022 Corona Especial

  • My Father Tabacos Baez Serie SF


    When you get a chance, click the “Ask Richie” icon at the upper left-hand part of the screen above and read the “Bundles of Joy” submission. Value priced cigars have become big business for most of the manufacturers. These low cost, hand made premiums have been welcomed by countless smokers as everyday guilt-free enjoyment. My Fathers Cigars have become major players over the last several years producing some of the most popular, highest rated entries ever. If you’re wondering how such a Super Premium company can turn out a great stick for under $3, the first answer is short filler tobacco. Hence, the “SF”. These Nicaraguan puros won’t be around forever. They’re medium-bodied and smooth smoking with a bit of spice and………they even come in a box! Enjoy!

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaragua

    Binder – Nicaragua

    Wrapper Type – Nicaragua