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Trader Jack's

  • Trader Jacks Original


    You’re probably wondering why a machine made, short filler, domestic cigar would be so popular with Premium Smokers.  Every now and again, a product comes along that serves its purpose and completes its mission. When J.C. Newman created Trader Jacks Classic “Kickin” bagged and jarred editions many years ago, it took awhile to get noticed. As they found their way into humidors across the country, curiosity got the better of many folks that opened the containers and took a sniff. And that was that! The intoxicating aroma these sticks gave off led to a try which then led to buying the whole container. Without getting too involved, Trader Jacks by JC Newman is mellow to slightly medium bodied. They’re all infused resulting in a smooth, sweet, rum like flavor that’s thoroughly enjoyable any time of the day. They keep fresh in their containers and have a totally guilt free price offering any smoker a great diversion.

    WRAPPER: Ecuador Havana Seed
    FILLER: Dominican and Nicaraguan
    FACTORY: J.C. Newman El Reloj/USA

  • Trader Jack Sunrise

  • Trader Jack Midnight