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If you’ve been reading my submissions you probably know I’m an old guy. To a few, I’m may be a bit younger, but to most of you, I’m the old man in the room. Many of you know that I enjoy cigars and selected beverages like Single Malts and English Ales. I’ve also had a love affair with cars throughout my life. Over the last year I’ve come to realize that many, many of you of all ages enjoy your personal rides along with great cigars as well.

I’ve been a member of numerous “Car Clubs” over the years. It’s interesting that when gathered with any group, sooner or later I’ve gotten acquainted with fellow cigar smokers. Early on after moving to Arizona I met a fellow member who is a dedicated PADRON smoker and Corvette owner. I soon found out he was paying more than he should for his cigars. He quickly became a loyal Cigar Thief Customer!

Whenever we get together at our local gathering place, I make sure to bring my “mobile cigar smoking center” so we have everything we need to enjoy our cigars while we mingle with our fellow club members. As enthusiastic as we are about cars, our shared passion for good cigars ranks just as high. Taking a road trip with friends and finishing the day with a nice meal then enjoying a favorite smoke is a wonderful experience. I recently purchased a 2021 F-Type Jaguar Base Coupe and quickly joined the Arizona Jaguar Owners Club. We had our first monthly gathering and I met some great folks. And yes…….two members turned out to be Premium Cigar lovers. Needless to say, we spent as much time talking about cigars as we did about Jaguars!

I empathize with our friends living in areas where the winter climate is not conducive to these types of gatherings. I remember garaging and covering up my Aston Martin in New York around Thanksgiving and not seeing it until the spring. I also remember smoking smaller sized cigars while shivering outside. During the winter months I’ve heard from many of you valiantly attempting to enjoy your favorite smokes while dodging snow, sleet and freezing rain. Here in Arizona, I seek refuge in my newly air conditioned garage for this experience when the temperatures top 100 degrees!

It’s been a long winter. As the season begins to slowly get warmer for many of you, I look forward to hearing about your favorite rides as well as the cigars you love.

As always, we at The Cigar Thief continue to thank each of you for being our valued customers. And please, don’t hesitate reaching out to us with any request or feedback.



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Happy New Year 2022!


As the 2022 unfolds, we all know there will be many many new cigars introduced into the marketplace. Would you believe that there have been over 100 new cigars introduced onto the marketplace last summer and over 60 more in October 2021 alone! We here at Cigar Thief HEAR YOU! That’s why we been adding so many new brand offerings to our small family owned marketplace as fast as we can. We’ve been amazed at the appetite so many of our valued customers have when it comes to trying something new. Among these additions, we’re extremely excited and proud of the new AJ Fernandez Enclave Connecticut edition that was made exclusively for us which means it’s only for you folks too! Check out this great cigar on our site. Grab a five pack of your preferred size and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they’re terrific.

No doubt “Supply Chain” issues have kept many popular cigars on what seems like endless back order. But Fear Not! We at Cigar Thief make a constant effort to keep as much inventory as possible. We don’t wait for products to run down or become out of stock before placing orders. We also actively search out new brands and work very hard to offer you the best variety and valued promotions available. You can be rest assured that if you want a particular product that’s available we’ll get it for the best price.  If we can’t, we’ll tell you why. We’re proud of our transparency and ability to react quickly to market changes.

Even with all the requests for new brands, the majority of of you  have always asked about long standing favorites. It seems as though the familiar herd of tried and true cigar brands that have been around for decades with some names extending their lifetimes over 100 years and more still retain tremendous popularity. It’s interesting that as much in demand as new cigars are, brand styles that have stood the test of time seem to represent a hefty part of what Cigar Thief shoppers buy. 

Here’s just a few of my favorites:

I could go on and on. As you shop on our humble site, please take a peek at these brands and others that have been the bedrock of the industry. And please continue to stay in touch with me. Hearing your thoughts and opinions is much appreciated by all of us. As I’ve often said, without you, our great customers, we don’t have a business.



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Big Thanks from the Cigar Thief!

As 2021 draws to a close, all of us at the Cigar Thief sincerely wish each and every one of you, our loyal  customers the best of everything. 


Thanks once again from our hearts to all of our great shoppers both old and new. Not only have we grown exponentially over the last several months, we’ve continued adding  new brands and accessories at a brisk pace. And we owe it to each and every one of you. I’ve often said, “NO CUSTOMERS, NO DINNER!” Because without you we don’t have a business. Your suggestions, requests, feedback and input have helped make us more successful and able to serve you better. Considering we are a small family owned enterprise competing with a whole bunch of giant multi million dollar companies, your loyalty and patronage have been the only reasons it’s safe to say we are here to stay!


I’m happy to inform you that we  are in the midst of setting up a whole new internet platform for Cigar Thief. While it’s been taking longer than we hoped, it will be worth the wait. Our goal is to create a more informative  and more user friendly shopping experience. 


So please stay tuned and keep those suggestions and requests coming. Our sole reason for being is to serve all of you. We want you happy, satisfied and thoroughly enjoying all the cigars you’ve decided to purchase from us.




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What’s wrong with my cigar??

Summertime is in full force and our great Cigar Thief customers like you are certainly catching up on smoking your favorite cigars at what seems like a frantic pace. Good for all us, me included.


At a recent outdoor gathering of my car club, one of the members told me he was an occasional cigar smoker. Since I always carry a few cigars with me when attending social events, I suggested we enjoy a cigar with our espresso. As I handed him a Camacho Connecticut Toro, within lightning speed he removed the cello wrapper, pulled the entire cap off  by hand and then reached into his pocket to retrieve a standard book of paper matches. Before I could intercede,he grabbed about six matches , struck them and immediately put a road flare looking burst of flames onto the end of the cigar and quickly began puffing. I’m sure onlookers thought they should call the fire department. Within a minute, he said, “You know, cigars haven’t been tasting  good for me lately.” as he exhaled a sulfur laden stream of  smoke.


I’m sure the vast majority of you know  this is a great example of how not to cut or light a good cigar and that you also know why it tasted the way it did for my co member.


But what about that great , perfectly cut cigar you carefully light with a butane torch that begins to burn looking like it was possessed by the devil?


We’ve spoken about why some cigars have poor draws. As you know, premium cigars are handmade so human error can’t be avoided. No manufacturer knowingly wants to turn out a cigar that can’t be enjoyed with an ample, free flowing draw. I was once given an entire box of genuine Cuban Cohibas. I soon realized they were all so tightly wrapped from about an inch to the cap that I couldn’t draw on them. I ended up having to cut an inch off each one to smoke them. 


After hearing from many of you asking me why your cigars are burning in so many different erratic ways, I thought we’d take a quick look at the most common “Bad Burns”.  While there are some facets out of your control like the quantity or quality of any cigars contents and assembly,  there are a few reasons why cigars don’t burn evenly. A word of caution. In the interest of not boring you, I’m going to be brief. If what we talk about leads you to get more specific and detailed information, that’s the idea.


You’ll probably recognize the “Canoeing” illustration at the top of the page. This issue is usually caused because the cigar is unevenly humidified in your humidor or it was lit up incorrectly. Check your humidors humidity level and rotate your cigars inside frequently. Also make sure you have some space in between them. You may find out you need a bigger humidor!


Please use one of the widely available inexpensive butane torch lighters. Forget matches and Zippos. Hold the lighter about an inch or so away from the foot and allow the end of the flame to heat up the tobacco. In a minute or so you’ll see some smoke rising. Keep the flame going around the entire end. When you start puffing you can slightly touch the flame around the entire foot. You’ll soon see an even  burn ring develop. Canoeing can also be the result of fast puffing which will overheat the cigar. So slow down! Rotating the cigar as your smoking it can slow canoeing along with laying the cigar down in an ashtray for a bit so see if things even out. If you think things are going real badly, cut off the entire part of the cigar that’s misbehaving and try again.


That picture of a fork like ash is formally known as Splitting. This is usually caused by smoking your cigar too quickly… me! It can also be caused by noticeable changes in temperature and humidity differences from where your smoking and where the cigars are stored. Knock off the ash, slow down, let the cigar cool off and continue on. If you’re wondering why your cigar isn’t tasting quite right and you happen to look at the foot and see an empty hole in the filler like the picture above , you’ve got what’s known as a

 “Runner” and it isn’t your fault. Whoever made what your smoking didn’t do a good job. Toss it and hope the rest of the batch is ok.


 So, you’ve done everything right and your cigar is off to a great start and you see something like this! No, it’s not a gremlin inside digging a tunnel to escape. It’s what we call ”Mouse Holes”. And no, it’s not your fault either. When a pocket of air or dried out tobacco exists inside a side of your cigar when it’s being made, that little part burns at a much higher rate. Not to worry. These types of annoyances usually pass quickly.

This strange looking occurrence isn’t your fault either. It called a “Runner” which is usually caused by  a large vein in the wrapper that acts as a fuse when you light the cigar. The bad news is if the vein is pronounced and spans the length of the cigar, your chances of enjoying this particular one are nil. You can try letting things cool down and relighting it. You may get lucky but I don’t think so.

While you can’t control how your cigars are made and how they’re stored until you get them, you can keep them in the right temperature and humidity and follow a few steps making sure they have the right environment so they’re ready for your enjoyment. You can be rest assured that all the cigars we have available for you on The Cigar Thief are stored in the right atmosphere right up until you make your purchase. Our humidor room is constantly monitored and maintained so you can continue buying from us with confidence.

Thanks again for you valued patronage. Happy smoking!



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HumidiMeter by Cigarmedics

I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and have rarely seen things that seriously get my attention. I came across this totally unique device months ago and reached out to the company to find out more about it. At the time, two young cousins from Chicago that invented it were just beginning to launch their product that reads a cigar’s humidity. 

I’m sure you have more than a few hydrometers keeping you informed of the humidity level if you have a personal humidor. We all know this is key to maintaining the quality of your considerable investment. However, when you think about it, these devices read out the humidity level of the environment, not inside the cigars themselves. The HUMIDIMETER will tell you what’s actually going on INSIDE your cigars.

During my conversation with the owners, it was interesting to learn that most of the people buying this item are cigar smokers. “Consumers that shop at various stores want to know if the cigars they’re buying are being well kept for.” He added, “ We were surprised that there weren’t more retailers that wanted to know just how well their humidors were working.” While the jury may be out when it comes to retailers selling this device in their stores for customers to check out their cigars before purchasing them, I firmly believe that EVERY premium cigar smoker should have one on hand for themselves.

How many times have you wondered what kind of shape that cigar you’re considering buying is? We know that many cigars may feel hard because they’re jam packed with tobacco. Using this device settles the case immediately. More importantly, this device will help you determine if humidity levels are equally dispersed throughout your own humidor.

The two prongs can be placed into the cigars foot even through the cello wrapper without damaging it and will give you a reading in seconds. 

Rarely has something become available for so little money that can help virtually all cigar smokers so much. Add one to your order next time you buy some cigars! 

Humidimeter’s regular price is $29.99 but the Cigar Thief has it on sale for a special introductory price of $25.95! Grab this amazing opportunity to get your Humidimeter today!

Rich Cucharo

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The Summer has arrived!

If you’ve been following my submissions over these last 18 months, I guess you know by now a few things about me.
-I’m an old guy
-I love cigars and whiskey
-I like cars and motorcycles

Last month I was sitting in my backyard looking out over the prairie marveling at its primal purity as I often do.

I then realized that right outside the entrance to our small community was a huge area of this terrain that spans for miles and miles. Soon I was thinking how great it would be to be able to spend some time personally investigating this great landscape. I’ve never been a hiker and the older I get I’ve gotten to fully understand and accept my limitations.

After a bit of research and visiting a local dealer, I couldn’t resist adding a new vehicle to my fleet. Soon I was up at sunrise getting myself out in the desert surrounding my neighborhood. To our pleasant surprise, my wife Jennifer could be a copilot on my adventures as well! After packing up a thermos of coffee, some breakfast pastries and a good cigar (OF COURSE!) we ventured off.



Seeing the giant Cacti up close and all the the other things that live in the desert was fascinating.

So that’s the update from the Arizona desert. I can’t even begin to share all the cigar enjoying activities all of you have shared with me since summertime has arrived all over the country. Fishing, boating, hiking, road trips, cigar tastings and BBQ’s to name a few.

In fact, this past May I was able to attend the first convention held since the pandemic. It was a huge tobacco show in Las Vegas. It was great to see all the cigar companies we all know and love along with many new boutique and small batch producers with amazing offerings. I’m sure you see a lot of new names on our website’s list of brands to choose from. And I can promise you that as the weeks and months move along you’ll see even more choices to investigate and try as you enjoy the summer months. Check out names like Angelenos, Chubby’s, Daniel Marshall (my favorite),Fratello, Indian Head, La Galera, National Brand, San Pedro De Macoris, Veritas, and Wise Man. That should keep you busy! And don’t forget, we’re all looking forward to the relaunch of Nat Sherman’s Metropolis and Timeless brands by the newly formed Ferio Tego company headed up by Michael Herklots who ran Nat Sherman’s premium cigar division before cigarette giant Altria closed it down.

All in all, it’s going to be a great Cigar Summer. Thanks again for your patronage on our small family owned website marketplace. And please keep those thoughts and questions coming. At Cigar Thief , we’re all here to serve you; our truly appreciated customers , to assist picking and purchasing the cigars you want for the least amount of your hard earned money. Don’t forget, if there’s a cigar you want we don’t have, just reach out and tell us. We take your requests very seriously and will do what we can to have it for you for the right price!


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Toothy Cigars?

As you cruise around our great site as well as reading cigar reviews and descriptions you’ll see the word “toothy” being used as a characteristic of some wrapper leaves. After receiving numerous requests for what this term means, here you go.

Take a look at your cigars. Is the wrapper silky smooth and near perfect? Does it appear almost seamless as well? If so, it’s not toothy. Pictured below is what we can safely say are toothy wrapped cigars.

It’s easy to see the raised veins, bumps and tiny pimple like dots all around. All of these attributes make up what’s described as a toothy wrapper. 

  • Why is this worth noting? Every facet of these present on the wrapper contain their own mini pockets of tobacco oil over and above the oil content of the rest of the leaf.
  • What does this mean? As you smoke the cigar and these areas are ignited you’ll get more flavors and taste notes for you palate on top of what the cigars blend of fillers and binder create.
  • Bottom Line? Don’t be afraid of rough, seemingly imperfectly wrapped cigars. You’ll be missing out on what many seasoned smokers look for in a cigars appearance giving us more of what a cigar offers.
Happy Smoking and Cheers!
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Onwards & Upwards!


Last month I informed all our valued Cigar Thief shoppers about the positive additions and changes our young company would experience as 2021 proceeds. After speaking with many of you who experienced “glitches” while visiting the website, we humbly offer our apologies for the growing pains we’re experienced in our constant efforts to make our platform better. What I can say is that things will improve quickly. As always, we encourage all of you to communicate directly with us if you encounter any issues so we can expedite your requests personally to your utmost satisfaction.
Since it’s inception, Cigar Thief’s strength has been the ability to work with numerous distributors carrying a vast array of premium cigars. This concept enabled us to offer as many choices as possible to fulfill your requests. What all of us are finding out is that we have to offer even more choices for our shoppers to keep up with all the new brands becoming available. In order to give you more shopping options, we want to formally introduce our new “Sister”

Please visit us and let us know what you think about this newest addition to our family owned enterprise. What we can tell you about this new website is that it’s definitely a work in progress. We’re hoping this entity will give us a better reach to those of you in countries outside of the USA as Cigar Thief continues serving our domestic shoppers. We can also carry many more popular brand styles whose manufacturers require specific pricing in order to sell and ship their products on a mail order basis. Either way, we have you covered! As the Premium Cigar Industry continues to face challenges and changes we want to stay ahead of the curve so all of you have the best selection of products and personalized service you’re accustomed to.
As I’ve said before, we are a small group of regular, hard working folks who truly appreciate and value your business and feedback. As time moves on, we will continue to reflect what you, our customers want. Keep your requests and suggestions coming on all fronts at: and



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Congratulations to all of us!

We made it! And hopefully everyone of us can put last year in the rear view mirror…….FOREVER!

All of us at Cigar Thief are looking forward to a new year filled with lots of positive changes to make your cigar shopping experience better and better as the year progresses. The Industry as a whole faces many challenges. Extreme weather, Covid-19 and material shortages just to name a few. We know that cigar prices will continue rising across the board and we will do our best to continue offering as many cigars as possible for the lowest prices we can. Your loyalty and patronage deserves our efforts to continue satisfying your cigar needs. Without you there would be no Cigar Thief and we know it!

As 2021 moves along we will be offering you more choices, more virtual events, more content and more options to make visiting our family owned site an even better experience on many levels. 

Again, from all of us to all of you…….THANKS! As always, don’t hesitate reaching out to us for any reason so we can help you any way we can.

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A Merry, Happy and Healthy!

Over these last months, I’ve immensely enjoyed becoming connected with so many of our website shoppers from around the country as well as in other countries! You’ve allowed me to share my thoughts and experiences as I have been granted windows into many of your life events as well. No politics, no division, no shaming, no canceling, no left or right, no criticism. Just unison of the shared enjoyment of cigars and the goodness within our lives.

As you may have discovered while reading my submissions, I’m a pretty transparent person. Like most of us, I enjoy Facebook as well as my industry involvement via LinkedIn where anyone can read about my entire working life.

Giving this exact time of year, I’m going to take some personal liberty to finish my contributions of 2020 by sharing with you what happened to my wife and myself within days after my November submission was made. Soon thereafter both my wife and myself contracted Covid-19. My wife barreled through her episode within days and recovered quickly. My experience escalated into a hospital admission accompanied by the fear and uncertainty we’ve all been made aware of since this virus hit our shores. The short version is I’m alive and considering the alternative, that’s all that counts. It was a really, really tough episode…….Really!

On behalf of our small company and myself, I want to wish all of you, our great shoppers all the best during this year’s Holidays and a wonderful New Year coming. Your patronage is more appreciated than you can imagine. It is because of each and everyone of you that the idea of Cigar Thief became a reality that is now known in the cigar world.

Again, thanks for everything each of you have done to help our small business. From our family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Cheers,Richie……and Jennifer says hi as well.

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