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  • Garo 1887


    Garo 1887 is another one of the great company’s spectacular entries.

    The 1887 cigar, pays homage to the brand’s rich tradition and dedication to excellence, embodying the essence of premium tobacco craftsmanship.  The 1887 is meticulously blended and crafted to deliver a balanced and complex flavor profile.

    Wrapped in a rich Ecuadorian Habano leaf and bound with the signature Olor Dominican binder, the 1887 offers a distinct experience from start to finish. With attention to detail, the filler is a blend of Dominican Seco/Lijero and Corojo of exceptional quality.  These wonderful cigars produce notes of walnut, honey, cedar, and leather with a velvety texture provided by the Habano wrapper. The construction of these cigars is exemplary, ensuring an even burn and a smooth, consistent draw.

    No doubt the 1877 is just as appreciated by aficionados as they are to newcomers.

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