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  • Acid Krush Tins by Drew Estate

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    Acid Krush Classic Tins by Drew Estate consists of the five legendary Acid blends in a petite 4×32 size.

    Acid is one of the world’s best selling infused cigars. Whether you pick the Blue Connecticut, Morado Maduro, Gold Sumatra, Green Candela or Red Cameroon the result will be smoking enjoyment for sure. These complex and tasty Nicaraguan cigars are being enjoyed by connoisseurs and new comers everyday the world over.

    When you want to unduplicated taste of Acid cigars for quick enjoyment, Acid Krush Tins by Drew Estate are surely the way to go! Check out each blend’s description on our site and pick your favorite! FYI, if you like the Reds, beware, they won’t be around for long.


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