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Avo Syncro Ritmo

  • Avo Syncro Ritmo


    Avo cigars have never been cheap. In fact, their kind of pricey. What’s undisputed is that Davidoff has continued to produced the Avo line perfectly over decades. Each one is flawlessly made with an abundant draw. It’s wonderful to see so many new choices available to try within this iconic brand.

    This third addition to the line continues expanding the flavor experience that the Synchro name is becoming known for. This South American hybrid blends six countries worth of leaves into one very, very complex tasting medium bodied cigar. I’ve often said that taste is a personal thing. If you’ve tried the Synchro line and like them, you’ll love this cigar. If you haven’t, this one will be like no other.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Brazilian-Honduran-Nicaraguan-Peruvian

    Binder – Mexican

    Wrapper Type – Ecuador Habano

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