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Blanco Above & Beyond

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    Blanco Above & Beyond

    Above & Beyond® by Blanco Cigars. This series, the first of a planned four, is called “Heroes”. It is a tribute to those that have sacrificed and paid the ultimate price in Civil Service (Police, Fire, EMS) and the Armed Forces. It is also the long-awaited rebranded blend that was used for the American Legion cigar. ALL the Heroes sizes are box-pressed torpedoes. We did this so that the secondary band on the head of the cigar could be cone-shaped as this is meant to symbolize the folded U.S. flag that all Heroes families are presented at the time they are laid to rest.

    We plan on sharing the stories of many Heroes and the type of hero they were, as categorized by the name (size) of the cigar. There are four (4) types of heroes; Willing, Unwilling, Classic and Epic.

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