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Gran Corona

  • Montesino Natural


    It’s hard to believe this Arturo Fuente made premium brand is approaching a 30th birthday. I was young and beautiful when I smoked my first one! While the blend of leaves is different from the company’s signature line, these well made, fairly priced, medium bodied, smooth tasting sticks have remained very popular over the years. I’ve often looked at them as kind of “comfort cigars”.

    Filler: Dom. Rep.

    Binder: Dom. Rep.

    Wrapper: U.S.A./Conn. Shade

    Country: Dominican Republic

  • Isla Del Sol Sungrown


    Isla Del Sol is another masterpiece from Drew Estate. This hand made Nicaraguan and Sumatran beauty is priced literally so everyone can enjoy them. You’ll notice a bit of sweetness when your tongue touches the cap and a hit of infused coffee/cocoa beans throughout. Depending on your taste this cigar steers toward the mild to slightly medium spectrum.

    One thing that will not disappoint is the fine construction and aromatic smoke production, the latter of which Drew Estate has definitely mastered. These totally affordable well made cigars are smartly packaged and adorned with tobacco leaves inside.

    Origin – Nicaragua
    Filler – Nicaraguan
    Binder – Nicaraguan
    Wrapper – Sun Grown Sumatra