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La Flor Dominicana Tubos

  • La Flor Dominicana Tubos


    La Flor Dominicana Tubos we have listed here is superb collection of this company’s greatest blends.

    It should be noted that in addition, La Flor Dominicana is also has produced Los Tubos Samplers containing the Air Bender Matatan (5 x 50), Double Ligero Crystal Tubo Corona (5 5/8 x 44), L250 Ligero Tubo (4 3/4 x 48), Oro No. 6 (6 x 54) and Suave Maceo (5 x 48).  All of these highly rated cigars come in attractive metal tubes making them ideal for traveling. Without a doubt, these beautifully made gift boxes are also the perfect gift for any aficionado in your life!

    The pictured La Flor Dominicana Tubos are available in five popular offerings of 6×54 Toro sized cigars.  Feel free to give us a call to let us know which one you’d like.

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