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Maduro Especial

  • Garo Maduro Especial


    The Garo Maduro Especial is the only edition of the company’s portfolio offering a vintage grade dark and oily wrapper.

    With attention to detail, the exquisite maduro wrapper envelopes a meticulously curated blend of premium fillers and binders sourced from the finest tobacco regions. The result is a burst of flavors engaging the senses immediately. This characteristic allows savoring the intricate balance of sweet and spicy notes that define this exceptional blend. Without a doubt, this cigar delivers a fuller-bodied experience, showcasing the blend’s richness and depth,

    From the initial notes of dark chocolate and espresso that greet the smoker, to the evolving layers of caramel sweetness, pepper spice, and the subtle earthiness that follows, every puff is a testament to the blend’s exquisite composition. The Garo Maduro Especial is more than a cigar; it is an experience, a celebration of the art and tradition of cigar making. The Maduro Especial offers a sanctuary of taste.

    To say the least, if you’re a maduro lover, this cigar should be in your humidor.

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