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  • DAV Mestizo


    DAV Mestizo is one of this company’s most popular entries.

    With attention to detail, Mestizo contains a meticulously selected blend of premium tobaccos from the most renowned growing regions around the world. The result is a symphony of taste that dances on the palate with every draw. From the moment the flame ignites, the Mestizo possesses a balance of rich earthy tones, subtle spices, and hints of sweetness, culminating in a truly transcendent smoking experience. This adds up to a cigar that burns evenly, draws effortlessly, and envelops the senses in a luxurious aroma that lingers long after the last puff.

    Stogie Press rates this beauty a respectable 93. Their words describe it perfectly. “Overall, the DAV Cigars Mestizo was a spectacularly full body cigar with hoards of complex flavor notes and aromas. This one hit the flavor wheel on all eight cylinders.”

    ORIGIN: Villa Gonzalez, Dominican Republic
    Wrapper –  San Andres
    Binder – Indonesian
    Filler – Dominican

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