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Nat Sherman Host Harrington (25)

  • Ferio Tego Host Selection Original


    Ferio Tego Host Selection Original is one of a collection of 5 different blends. And this is the one that started it all!

    Coming to market in 1994, this Host Original quickly became a favorite for new smokers. Thirty years later it’s still a huge seller. No doubt the consistently smooth, mild and tasty flavor combined with a sweetened cap continue to produce a totally enjoyable smoking experience any time of the day. Way back when, Cigar Aficionado described it as a light and smooth cigar with a mild finish. This is definitely still the case. Enjoy!

    Just so you know, these cigars are in and out of stock quickly. Stay connected with us to see when more come in.

    Country of Origin: Honduras
    Wrapper:USA Connecticut

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