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New York No. 2

  • Montecristo Connoiseur


    These very cool cigars hit the street about 10 years ago with the NY edition being the first entry. The line then expanded to represent other states. At the time they were introduced, the “CIGAR POLICE” made sure they were never found in a store outside of an edition’s namesake state. They were and still are pretty expensive. Oddly enough, even after the aura of exclusivity wore off, the cigars continued to be made and sold. Why? Because when the dust cleared, they’re still exceptionally good medium bodied sticks.

    The New York cigar is blended at the renowned Tabacalera de Garcia, is box-pressed, un cellowed and finished with an absolutely beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It’s smooth, balanced, draws perfectly and is a great smoking experience.

    The Texas blend is also box-pressed, un cellowed and more of a complex stick yielding a slightly elevated taste at the top of the medium bodied scale. Like it’s N.Y. cousin, it also draws well and is an enjoyable smoking experience as well.

    ***Keep in mind that I recommend NOT buying five of these sticks at a time. They’re delicate specimens that should remain in their boxes for traveling.

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Dominican-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Dominican-Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Ecuadorian Habano