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Oliva Connecticut Reserve

  • Oliva Connecticut Reserve


    This great brand traces its roots back to 1886 when Melanio Oliva began growing tobacco in Cuba. After the revolution, his grandson Gilberto went to Spain and then settled in Nicaragua. In 1995 Gilberto and his son Gilberto Jr. launched the company.

    When the Connecticut Reserve line was launched we all did a double-take. If you’re an Oliva fan you know that most of their cigars generally hit the needle at the medium-full bodied scale. The company knew there were a ton of folks who enjoyed mild to mellow tasting sticks they weren’t reaching. If you’re one of them, here’s your cigar! While the strength has been dialed down, Oliva’s signature taste remains. This is a very satisfying, smooth, creamy cigar with a lot of flavor.

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaraguan

    Binder – Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Connecticut