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Padron 1926 Series ‐ Maduro

  • Padron 1926 Series ‐ Maduro


    Padron 1926 Series ‐ Maduro is one on the most sought after cigars worldwide from this legendary company.

    The multi award-winning  1926 Series premiered in 2002 to commemorate José O. Padrón’s 75th birthday. With attention to detail, these cigars are individually hand-crafted from five year old tobacco. This vintage blend creates an exceptionally smooth, complex, balanced and full-bodied flavor.  The dark Maduro wrapper adds just a bit of welcomed sweetness to the already amazing  smoking experience this cigar offers.

    In other words, no matter what size or style, Padrons medium to full bodied cigars are always consistently perfect in every way. With a smooth draw, large volume of smoke and robust taste that increases in intensity along the way, it’s no wonder this company’s products are always difficult to find. Rightfully expensive and worth every penny. With this in mind, you just can’t go wrong with a Padron.

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