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Tube Toro

  • Rocky Patel Decade


    No one disputes that Rocky Patel is one of the few Titans of the Premium Cigar Industry. Over 20 years ago as he began his quest to get a foothold in the marketplace he actually got in his car and traveled the country visiting high volume Tobacconists unannounced! When he wound up in my store to sell his first entry, I hesitantly took a chance on him. Actually, he was such a nice and appreciative person I couldn’t resist! The rest is cigar history!

    Rocky’s introduction of this magnificent cigar celebrating his 10th anniversary in business rocked the industry by achieving a 95 rating! This oily wrapped medium to full bodied stick is as great today as it was back then and is still a bestseller. This is a rich, balanced smoke that draws perfectly and burns evenly. For me, I get a bit of cherry, coffee and buttered toast!

    I highly recommend a five pack of my favorite sized Lonsdales.

    Origin – Honduras
    Filler – Honduran
    Binder – Coming Soon!
    Wrapper Type – Sumatra