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  • Ashton Virgin Sun Grown


    There’s a few reasons why 90 rated Ashtons have remained in the top ten for decades. They are made by the folks at Arturo Fuente. They are insanely consistent and remain one of the benchmarks for mild to mellow taste. If you’ve smoked them you know. If you haven’t, I envy you!

    The VSG is the Bentley of the Ashton Brand. This sometimes hard to locate 94 rated stick takes you to a whole different level of taste. This is without question an amazing full flavored cigar that rivals many Cubans with a big difference….

    It’s super smooth while being very complex. If you consider yourself a connoisseur and haven’t tried one, you’re not a connoisseur!

    Origin – Dominican Republic

    Filler – Dominican

    Binder – Dominican

    Wrapper Type – Sun Grown