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The Perfect Cigar

As you cruise along our great site you’ll see some of my reviews; some stating that a particular cigar will gain strength and or intensity as you smoke it. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at one time or another. Other cigars may be described as smoking smooth to the finish among many other characteristics.

Some of us wait for these changes and rejoice when they occur. I’ve often gotten a kind of nicotine buzz with many full bodied cigars which is usually my alarm bell that I’m done. Some reviewers give you fair warning of what to expect at some point in time during your smoking experience.

If you want to cut to the chase, it’s easy to say when the cigar you’re smoking starts tasting bitter or not to your liking, it’s finished for you. But hey…….some of us may wonder just why this is happening half way or two thirds of the way along? Let’s face it, if you’re smoking a ten or fifteen dollar beauty and you’re finished at the half way mark, leaving what’s left on the table hurts!

What you need to understand

The first unromantic scientific fact you have to understand is that a cigar is a combustible nicotine and tar delivery device. As it burns down it heats up causing the tars and oils to accumulate which begins to change the flavor. Different blends of tobaccos will burn differently. Knowing that, there are a few things you can do to minimize how this occurs.

Are you an over-smoker!? I love cigars. Every now and again I get the feeling that my taste buds get fatigued. Sometimes it seems that my palate is tricking me. I have some favorite sticks as you do. When I smoke one and it tastes totally different from what I know it really is, I’m certain it’s time to take a short break from smoking.

For me, the ultimate cigar experience is enjoying a favorite stick with either a Single Malt Scotch or Craft Ale. Sometimes after lighting up I have to catch myself from Machine Gun puffing! I’ve learned to slowly enjoy each draw to taste the complexity of what I’m smoking. Taking your time will also allow the cigar to minimize the heat generated and slow down whatever changes will occur. If your cigar is well made and properly blended, these changes will be less severe and the flavor more consistent the length of your smoke.

Be warned

Every now and again you may want to purge your cigar along the way. Instead of drawing in the smoke, gently blow through the cigar. This practice can act as a sort of reset; allowing the cigar to kind of catch its breath and settle down to where it was before you sensed an unpleasant taste.

While I enjoy some cigars that seem to creep up in intensity and cause me to buckle up, I’m equally impressed by those sticks that have great taste and remain smooth to the finish.

Oh…..and never, ever try and relight a half smoked cigar the next day. When the tar and oils have cooled and settled onto the remaining tobacco the whole game has changed in the wrong  direction.

Again, I’ve often said, if you like a cigar it’s a good one and if you don’t it isn’t…….for you!

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