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New addition!

Hey wait a minute you may be saying, this is a cigar site not a motorcycle store! I guess your right. However, by this point in time, I think you’ve all gotten to know me a bit as I’ve gotten to know many of you. As the summer moves along I’m hoping you’re out and about having fun and enjoying some great cigars we’ve delivered to you! As expected, it’s very, very hot here in Arizona. As I write this the temperature has been over 110 for a while and looks to continue that way into many of the days ahead. “Dry” heat or not…..Hot is Hot!

My wife and myself rise early around 4:30 to enjoy the comfortable mornings watching the night sky turn to daylight in our backyard with the help of some strong coffee. I’ve confined my cigar enjoyment to this time along with evenings after 8pm when the sun goes into decline. It’s a small price to pay for the other ten months of pristine weather.

Big Sky lookout!

I’ve spoken about some of the things that I feel seem to go with cigars like beverages which many of us enjoy. I’ve smoked many cigars by myself and value the alone time and almost Zen like solitude a great cigar combined with uninterrupted thought offers.

Back east, I rode a motorcycle for many years. The ability to focus totally on the ride offered a great escape from all the things that occupy your mind when you lead a busy life. I gave it up because even the most unused, scenic roads I did most of my riding on became frightendly crowded with distracted drivers that seemed hell-bent on running me over so I no longer enjoyed this solitary sport. I combined smoking many a great cigar after finishing my rides finding both experiences very rewarding and therapeutic when coupled together.

As I’ve said more than a few times, I’m an old guy. I’m also blessed with good health and mobility……at least for now! Soon after moving west to the area we reside in I came to realize that much of our new lives were being spent where there were very, very few cars on the beautiful roads that surround our community. Since 90% of my riding was done with my wife on the back acting as my trusted co-pilot, I suggested we may want to revisit riding together on a much less powerful and smaller bike than I previously owned . As much as she enjoyed riding, I also thought fondly about getting back to an activity that went hand in hand with my love for cigars.

So after sitting on a few models to make sure my wife was comfortable and going back and forth with a couple of creepy dealers, I found this brand new  leftover 2019 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle Edition at a dealer in California for considerable savings. After leaving Italy in 2018 and spending 18 months at his west coast foster home, he was delivered to us yesterday. We’ve yet to name him.

Thanks for allowing me to share one of my life’s pleasures that I’ve found to be a great counterpart with my cigar enjoyment. I know there’s a multitude of interesting and different activities many of you enjoy along with your cigars and I’m looking forward to hearing about them! Enjoy the summer!



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