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Alec Bradley

  • The Filthy Hooligan – Shamrock


    Size: 6×50


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    Alec Bradley 10th Anniversary Fine & Rare Humidor with Cigars


    This Alec Bradley 10 Year Anniversary set comes with 25 of the following Fine & Rare cigars:

    • 5 x TA25A, figurados from 2014
    • 5 x HJ10-I, toros from 2016
    • 5 x BR12-13, torpedos from 2017
    • 5 x JRS10=(86), toros from 2018
    • 5 x HOF/506, box-pressed toros from 2019

    Only 500 boxes have been released and each box contains a mystery gift!

  • Alec Bradley Texas Lancero


    Attention all Tough Guys! So you’re a big ring guy! Feast your eyes on Alec Bradley’s 7×70 Monster. This medium bodied gargantuan is actually a smooth, well balanced smoke. Needless to say, it’s slow burn will get you through all 18 holes on the course!

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Costa Rican-Honduran-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Indonesian

    Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan

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    The Filthy Hooligan – Barber Pole


    Size: 6 x 50

    Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa & Candela

  • Alec Bradley It’s A Boy


    Congratulations! If either you or or friend want to celebrate the birth of a child with cigars, this Alec Bradley quality product is a tasty one that will be appreciated by novices and aficionados as well. Whether you pick the Alec Bradley It’s A Boy or Girl styles as the picture shows you can insert your own picture of the new arrival inside the wooden frame on the box top to create a personal touch for you or a recipient to remember forever!

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Honduran-Nicaraguan

    Binder – Honduras

    Wrapper Type – Connecticut

  • Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 2021


    Churchill – 7 x 50

    Box count – 11

    Please note that the 4-pack does not come with the bonus cigar enclosed in a coffin called the BC-(13)4EV-B.

  • Alec Bradley Project 40


    Origin – Coming Soon!

    Filler – Coming Soon!

    Binder – Coming Soon!

    Wrapper Type – Coming Soon!

  • Alec Bradley Spirit of Cuba Habano


    Alec Bradley produces many top rated premium cigars. Black Market, Prensado and Tempus to name a few. Spirit of Cuba is their value priced addition giving you a mild to medium bodied premium grade cigar hat can be enjoyed on a daily basis for a nominal price. This Habano is a solid medium bodied smoke.

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Colombian-Honduran-Nicaraguan-Mexican

    Binder – Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan Habano

  • Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli


    OK. You’ve probably tried and enjoyed the original, 90 rated black market and are wondering what this newer Esteli style is all about. Well………93 rated and ranked the #9 cigar of the year it was introduced for starters!

    Think Original Black Market on steroids! More Robust, spicier, more Cubanesque and priced right! Buckle Up!

    Origin – Nicaragua

    Filler – Nicaraguan

    Binder – Honduran-Nicaraguan

    Wrapper Type – Nicaraguan

  • Alec Bradley Black Market


    Alec Bradley, Rated 90, Full Bodied Cuban Stye taste, Priced right. Enough said!

    Origin – Honduras

    Filler – Honduran-Nicaraguan-Panamanian

    Binder – Sumatra

    Wrapper Type – Maduro-Nicaraguan

  • Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro