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Davidoff White

  • Davidoff 702 Series


    Davidoff 702 series is one of the many masterpiece creations of this iconic Swiss company. Utilizing a proprietary Ecuadorian wrapper , the 702 series represents one of the company’s signature blends that connoisseurs have been enjoying for years.

    When the highly critical folks at Cigar Dojo bestowed the 702 with an astounding 95 rating, they described it best “The Davidoff 702 delivers primary tasting notes of berry, cedar, cream, earth, espresso, leather, pecans, and pepper. Unusually complex, flavorful, and smooth, the cigar produces a smoking experience that triggers all of the five senses of taste—sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and the highly-elusive umami.” What more do you need to know about this amazing cigar? No doubt, it’s a medium to full bodied flavor bomb that produces a thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience.

    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian 702
    Binder: Dominican Piloto Seco
    Filler: Dominican Piloto Seco | Dominican San Vicente Visus | Dominican Olor Seco
    Factory: Cidav Corp, Inc. (Cigars Davidoff – Dominican Republic)

  • Davidoff Signature Series


    The renowned Davidoff Signature Series is a highly rated favorite of connoisseurs the world over. This exquisite cigar is a joy from start to finish. With this in mind, Davidoff describes their well made creation perfectly. “Signature is ideal for novices and aficionados in the mood for a smooth and sophisticated cigar.”

    If you’re a fan of Davidoffs famous White Label, the Signature Series is a must try for sure!

    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
    Binder: Ecuadorian Hybrid
    Filler: Dominican Republic
    Factory: Davidoff

  • Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour


    The Winston Churchill line of cigars was introduced as a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister. The differences of this Late Hour edition and the original are many.  The Nicaraguan Condega Visus tobacco  aged in Single Malt Scotch barrels brings a mysterious sweetness and intensity of flavor. This, together with two different Dominican Visus filler tobaccos and a dark Mexican binder creates a rich robust smoking experience.

    Davidoffs Winston Churchill The Late Hour has been highly rated throughout the industry for good reason. These perfectly made medium to full bodied cigars offer connoisseurs a thoroughly enjoyable smoking experience from start to finish.

    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
    Factory: Cigars Davidoff
    Wrapper: Habano Ecuador
    Binder: San Andres Negro (Mexico)
    Filler: : Dominican (Olor Viso, Piloto Seco and San Vicente Mejorado Viso), Nicaraguan (Condega Viso aged in Single Malt Scotch Barrels, Estelí Viso)

  • Davidoff Sampler Gift Sets


    Davidoff Sampler Gift Sets are a great way to try some of the best cigars this iconic company offers. They’re also a fantastic gift for virtually any cigar lover.

    The 9-count box contains:• Signature 1000 • Signature No. 2 • Signature 2000 • Grand Cru No. 2 • Aniversario Short Perfecto • Aniversario Special R • Aniversario No. 3 • Aniversario Special T • Millennium Robusto

    The 12-count box contains:• Signature No. 2 • Signature 2000 • Signature 4000* • Grand Cru No. 4* • Grand Cru No. 2 • Aniversario Short Perfecto • Aniversario Special R • Anniversaries No. 3 • Aniversario Special T • Millennium Petit Corona • Millennium Robusto • Millennium Piramides

    The Davidoff Gift Assortment Tubos features some of Davidoff’s highest quality blends. From the seamless wrappers and impeccable burn to their exquisite flavor, each Davidoff will leave you craving more. The Tubos Assortment includes the mild corona Davidoff Mille 2000 Tubo, the mild Panatela Davidoff Classic No. 2 Tubo, and the medium-bodied robusto Davidoff Special “R” Tubo.

    The Limited Gift Selection Figurado contains one each of the following: Short Perfecto/Aniversario Special <<T>>/Millennium Piramides/Escurio Gran Perfecto /Nicaragua Diademas Yamasá Piramides

  • Davidoff Winston Churchill


    The Winston Churchill line of cigars was introduced as a tribute to Sir Winston Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister. Quite frankly, here, you have a cigar in which Davidoff Master blenders have embraced and accomplished an exciting challenge by blending a cigar of complex character with a rich mixture of fine qualities by drawing on and harmonizing the tobaccos of Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

    What can definitely be said is that Winston Churchill will probably be the smoothest, creamiest and tastiest cigars you will ever smoke.

    Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Rojiza
    Binder: Negro San Andrés (Mexico)
    Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli Seco, Condegas Seco) Dominican (Piloto Mejorado Seco, Hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco, Piloto Seco)

  • Davidoff Nicaragua


    This amazing line was created back in 2013. Over the last 10 years and up to this day it is considered one of the company’s best cigars.

    The most compelling evidence of Davidoff Nicaragua is Cigar Aficionado’s 95 rating in 2023! The description of this great medium to full bodied cigar is best described as follows, ” Precise notes of red fruit, walnut and maple syrup enhance the rich core of nutmeg with more levels of complexity.

    Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Rosado (10-year-aged Cuban-seed)
    Binder: Nicaraguan (Jalapa)
    Filler: Nicaraguan (Condega, Estelí Ligero & Ometepe)

  • Davidoff Aniversario


    The renowned and highly rated Aniversario line is best described by the company itself as follows,”Flavors of cedar and spice gently unfurl into an irresistibly creamy aftertaste with warm notes of leather, nuts, black pepper and spices mingling together. The exquisite aroma and carefully balanced blend of tobacco ensures a beautiful smoking experience.” This perfectly made mild to medium bodied jewel  has been pleasing discerning smokers since 1993 and is still going strong.

    Constructed with three different filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, a Piloto Seco binder, and a golden Ecuadorian grown Connecticut wrapper, the Davidoff Aniversario is a must try for all discerning smokers.

  • Davidoff Grand Cru


    The Grand Cru is the perfect example of the White Label experience. These amazing cigars  provide a straight forward, flavorful experience with a low strength level. The line is pricey, but it delivers on flavor and construction, so it is definitely worthwhile. Without doubt, Davidoff cigars are a must try for every smoker sooner or later. Grab a three, four or five pack and step up to  Super Premium luxurious smoking pleasure.

    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
    Binder: Dominican Republic
    Filler: Dominican Republic

  • Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed


    The Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed edition consists of a slightly different bland than the original. One thing remains the same is the high ratings this amazing medium to full bodied cigar has garnered. The highly critical folks at Cigar Dojo said it best, ” “It worked perfectly—a body that was almost as big and spicy, but with a sweeter backbone—adding more sweetness, vanilla, and caramel to the cigar’s character.”

    What more do you need to know? Grab a three or four pack and see what this great smoke is all about.

    Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
    Binder: Nicaraguan Habano Jalapa
    Filler: Ometepe | Condega | Estelí


  • Davidoff Royal Release


    Davidoff Royal Release is a very, very, very special edition from this iconic company.

    According to Davidoff, there are only eight rollers who work on the Royal Release cigars, each of which has at least 15 years experience. The tobaccos come from a 2004-05 harvest that had a year of near perfect growing conditions and ideal rainfall.

    When the highly critical folks at Half Wheel gave it a 91 rating, they described this Super Premium Luxury smoke best. “The cigar is a flavor-bomb, with a profile full of rich, decadent and complex notes. The construction was fantastic overall. Of course, the price tag will keep most people away. But if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed in the experience.” With attention to detail, this exclusive cigar is made for affluent connoisseurs. If you fit the bill, this very unique cigar is for you!

    Wrapper: Aromatica Dominicana [Seed grown in the Dominican Republic]
    Binder: Ecuadorian Habano
    Filler: 8 Year Aged Dominican ~ 5 Varieties: San Vincente Ligero, San Vincente Mejorado Visus, Piloto Ligero, Hybrid Olor/Piloto Ligero, Criollo Ligero.
    Country of Origin: Dominican Republic (TABADOM)

  • Davidoff Colorado Claro


    Davidoff Colorado Claro has been released every year since 2009.

    When the highly critical senior reviewer at Stogie Review raved, he couldn’t have said it better. “It’s probably one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in my entire life. Its hard to recall a cigar so artfully constructed, so well balanced and not to mention its ingenious and engaging complexity. I actually think you get more than what you pay for. I know its price tag is daunting and its easy to bypass it because of its price tag but I truly believe that this is one of those “once in a lifetime” cigars.”

    Cigar Authority rated this amazing cigar at 95. Their description was spot on, “As we cross over to the other side, the second half develops a Meringue like note with some honey and nuts. Through the nose there is some spice, as in the final inch, the cigar remained exceptionally cool and took on a warm buttery note over the spice filled aroma.”

    Any size you choose is a top pick for sure!

    Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Sun Grown
    Binder: Dominican Republic
    Filler: Dominican Republic

  • Davidoff Escurio


    Davidoff Escurio is another spectacular example of why this company is one of the world’s greatest cigar makers.

    Launched in 2015, the Escurio contains a very interesting mix of tobaccos. This very highly rated medium to slightly bodied cigar is  flawless in design and jam packed with vintage tobacco. The flavor notes of pepper, chocolate, licorice, and coffee are exceptional. No doubt this is a smooth, slow burning  smoke from start to finish.

    Need more proof? CIGAR COOP – 93, CIGAR AUTHORITY – 94, BLIND MAN’S PUFF – 93

    Needless to say, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of truly boutique blends, the Escurio is a must try.


    Wrapper: Ecuadorian Havana Seed
    Binder: Brazilian Cubra Seed
    Filler: Meta Fina & Cubra tobaccos (Brazil), San Vicente, Piloto & hybrid Olor/Piloto Seco leaves (Dominican Republic)
    Factory: Cigars Davidoff (Dominican Republic)