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Is my cigar out of stock or discontinued?

“Is my cigar out of stock or discontinued?” Has been a good question some of our valued guests have been asking us about certain cigars offered on THE CIGAR THIEF shopping site. Because we pride ourselves in being fully transparent to our everyone, I wanted to share some pertinent thoughts about this important matter. Part of the reason we can keep our prices so low and offer FREE shipping is because we don’t keep millions of dollars wrapped up in inventory of every cigar and size; but rather work directly with suppliers on obtaining certain cigars when they are ordered.

While you will see some brand selections plainly labeled, OUT OF STOCK or BACKORDERED, if we have a limited quantity of a specific product on hand that sells through quickly on an given day, there may be a small gap in time before we realize that we can’t fulfill your specific order.

When this happens, we’ll notify you asap via email, text or phone call to discuss all available options such as,

  • Picking a different size that’s currently available of the exact brand you ordered.
  • Having us inform you of when we expect your exact choice to be delivered to us and offering to ship it to you ASAP at that time

When it comes to manufacturer’s discontinuation of entire brands or brand styles, we may very well have some in stock and listed on our site in limited quantities with no ability to get more. When these are gone, they’re gone. As with out of stock and backordered items, we will reach out to you with our apologetic findings and offer whatever available options we have such as,

  • Allowing us to reach out on your behalf to our friends and associates within our industry to try and locate any properly maintained inventory of the requested discontinued product for us to secure for your purchase
  • Issuing you an additional discount code that can be immediately applied to a purchase of available products
  • Issuing your Cigar Thief account a bonus credit that can be used the next time you place an order with us

Whatever the case is, we may make unintentional mistakes along the way and are striving to keep them at a bare minimum. And no matter what specific situation occurs, our ability to communicate with you quickly is very important. Please make sure that all your contact information we have is current so we can rectify any matter in a timely manner to your absolute TOTAL satisfactory.

Again, thanks so much for your support and valued patronage!

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