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For 20 years, Richie worked for Big Tobacco and Small Tobacco and spent the last 15 years within the wholesale distribution industry.

Richie grew up in New York. From 1979-2000 he built and operated 11 retail enterprises; ranging from Convenience stores, Delis, Liquor and discount cigarette outlets to Cigar, Tobacco, and Smoke shops.

Before retiring with his wife to Arizona in July of2019 he spent the last 3 years traveling throughout the Northeastern states. During this time he was visiting, and assisting hundreds of tobacco retailers. If you were building a cigar store or owned one that needed improvement; Richie was the man to get for valued advice on store layout and construction. When your Walk in Humidor was built to his specifications or you had cigar cabinets ready to fill he would make the selections and physically set up the displays himself. He also had a unique ability to transform outdated and unmaintained cigar displays into finished works of art. This service in particular created a ongoing waiting list of retailers wanting him to visit. Richie is an avid cigar smoker and lover of single malt whiskeys. He enjoys skeet, trap and target shooting and likes going fast in his new Jaguar F-type Coupe.

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Richies Picks

Cigars & Cars

If you’ve been reading my submissions you probably know I’m an old guy. To a few, I’m may be a bit younger, but to most of you, I’m the old...
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Onwards & Upwards!

ONWARD AND UPWARDS! Last month I informed all our valued Cigar Thief shoppers about the positive additions and changes our young company would experience as 2021 proceeds. After speaking with...
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Congratulations to all of us!

We made it! And hopefully everyone of us can put last year in the rear view mirror.......FOREVER! All of us at Cigar Thief are looking forward to a new year...
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A Merry, Happy and Healthy!

Over these last months, I’ve immensely enjoyed becoming connected with so many of our website shoppers from around the country as well as in other countries! You’ve allowed me to...
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Back in April I shared some brief thoughts of what was to become a world altering event. As springtime transitioned into Summer then Fall it became starkly evident that COVID...
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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

There's an old saying, "Only two things are inevitable, Death and Taxes". I kind of agree about dying, but when it comes to taxes, we've all see countless examples of...
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Do Ratings Count?

While living in New York the majority of my life I had a vast network of contacts for most every need like trusted plumbers, electricians, carpenters, handymen, masons and mechanics....
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Goodbye Nat Sherman

As the attached article states, Nat Sherman International will be out of business sometime next month. I have fond memories of being the company's Regional Manager of New York State...
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New addition!

Hey wait a minute you may be saying, this is a cigar site not a motorcycle store! I guess your right. However, by this point in time, I think you've...
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I couldn’t resist!

While I'm an avid fan of of single malt whiskeys, I really appreciate a great beer as well. After spending some time in the U.K. I came to appreciate the...
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Ask “Doc” Harold #2

Spanish Cedar, Spanish Cedar, Spanish Cedar. You've all been told or read that this is the absolute best wood to store or age your cigars in. Some cigar producers even...
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Cigar Samplers or Cigar Gift Packs?

First off, on behalf of our small crew here at The Cigar Thief, thanks so much for your business! We have been humbled by your heightened interest and increasing patronage...
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Meet “Doc” Harold!

Since Cigar Thief began I've tried to pick general topics of interest to share with all our cigar loving guests. While some contributions have been based on my personal knowledge...
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We Appreciate You!

Who we are and why we really appreciate your business and truly thank you for it. The internet sales and mail order of premium cigars is a very, very big...
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My Corona!

We, cigar smokers, are a unique bunch. We come from all walks of life like the rest of Americans and are bound together by the pleasure we get from cigars...
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Viva Fidel!?

Throughout my cigar retailing career along with my travels visiting countless smoke shops, I've met so many people that have asked me the same question, "When are we going to...
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Bundles of Joy!

Because I'm an old guy, I remember when I was a kid seeing older men smoking cigars not from bundles. Even then, I loved the aroma. Those were the days!...
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The Perfect Cigar

As you cruise along our great site you'll see some of my reviews; some stating that a particular cigar will gain strength and or intensity as you smoke it. I'm...
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Cigar Dinners

Before we get to Cigar Dinners, I have to admit something. I'm saddened to say that along with enjoying Premium Cigars, I was a cigarette smoker for most of my...
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Humidors, humidors, humidors!

Ok, relax! As you probably know there are a zillion articles and opinions about cigar Humidors. When I was brought into the CIGAR THIEF crew I was very honest about...
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Buyer Be Aware!

Of course all of us here at The Cigar Thief want you to purchase all of your cigars from us! But we know that every now and again you may...
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Many of us have purchased a  premium cigar, sat back, clipped it and lit it up expecting an enjoyable experience. Then only to find out that whoever made it wrapped the...
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Mold is green in color not white and is caused by either over-humidification or use of regular water in their Humidification systems....
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